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Keep grinding those Escape From Tarkov quests

The Punisher Part 3

If you play Escape From Tarkov as I do, you will complete a few quests, then head back into the map where you are most comfortable. Over the years mine has always been Customs. The way I play Escape From Tarkov is somewhere between methodical and hasty. This play style has cost me multiple deaths on maps such as Interchange. When playing Customs I can create close quarter situations and take advantage of them.

I am stuck on level 31 and have been quite a while now. I am guilty of putting off completing quests because they become increasingly daunting the further you progress. After you complete a quest in Escape From Tarkov, it is followed up by another quest, probably more or equally as difficult as the previous one. You just went through hell completing the task at hand, it’s hard to eagerly jump into another quest. In the same breath that is what makes Tarkov’s quests so rewarding. The quests force you to approach the game differently from how you used to. After breaking out of my comfort zone, I embraced the fact that I have to approach things differently. I headed back into my quest journal to see which missions offered big amounts of experience upon completion.

Prapor wants 25 Scavs dead

The first mission I decided to complete was ‘The Punisher Part 3’ from good old Prapor. As I approached the mission I wondered what Prapor wants from me this time? Of course, he wants me to kill 25 Scavs on Customs using an AKS-74U. The AKS-74U is the smaller version of the AK-74M. Because of its size the gun is very portable. You do however sacrifice a lot of recoil control but gain on ergonomics.

I am not used to play with the AKS-74U and I usually prefer its bigger brother, a pimped out AK-74M. I had some concerns about the mission, asking myself  ‘how on earth am I going to win the medium to long-range encounters with PMC’s?’ In response, I had to alter my play style a bit; I knew close range fights would be the smaller gun’s forte, so what better place to have close-quarters combat than Dorms? Dorms is a hotspot on the Customs map and I can  confidently say that you will get some action if you go there.

Play according to your spawn

When I spawn into Customs, I always play according to my spawn location. I know the difference between a spawn where my first encounter will be players and where I can rush directly to dorms. What makes this quest tricky is that it takes you out of your comfort zone. You are forced to play with a gun you are not familiar with at all. This takes away some of your confidence when engaging other players.

I died many times and I did not cheap out either. I wanted to have the best possible chance of killing scavs and players and therefore my setup included the following items.

Starting from head to tippy-toe:


I enjoy how the Sording headphones sound. They are not the cheapest headsets but I find they work great. I would say it’s worth spending extra to get these as headphones highlight some of the sounds in the game, such as footsteps. I highly recommend you take headphones into every raid.

Escape From Tarkov headphones
Escape From Tarkov Sordin headphones


When it comes to helmets, I only use those I loot from other players. I find it hard to buy a Tier 3 helmet if I know most players have ammo that can penetrate Tier 3 helmets with one shot. Helmets simply give you some peace of mind and therefore I rarely buy them.

Escape From Tarkov Helmet
Escape From Tarkov Helmet


I took in a pretty kitted out AKS-74U. I prefer spending quite a bit on modifications because it increases your chance of winning a fight. Although I was forced to take in the AKS-74U, I managed to take down several sweaty players in close range.

Escape From Tarkov AKS-74U
Escape From Tarkov AKS-74U


This is the most expensive part of my raid setup. I opt to use 7N39 ammo, otherwise known as Igolnik rounds. They are not cheap and sell for around 980 Roubles per bullet on the flea market.

Escape From Tarkov Igolnik rounds
Escape From Tarkov Igolnik rounds

Tactical Rig

I have some rigs in my stash which I looted from players so I take whichever one I have in my stash. The main reason for using a rig is to keep an extra magazine when one isn’t enough.


I take nothing below Tier 4 armour into a raid. This way I increase my chance of winning a fight against someone who cheaped out on ammo. Have a look at the ammo chart I use to gain a better understanding of the impact different ammo types have on the game.

Escape From Tarkov Tier 4 ceramic armor
Escape From Tarkov Tier 4 ceramic armor


I have a million Berkut backpacks stacked so I take one from the pile. You could skip the backpack to make the run even lighter but I like to keep it around for that unexpected good loot. You can visit some hidden stashes while doing your runs for some extra income.

Nightvision is the answer

After losing multiple loadouts like the one I just described to players in open area fights, I knew I had to change up my game to complete this quest. I decided ‘you know what, let me go in with night vision’. I scoured the vendors to see what is the cheapest night vision I can get my hands on. I settled for the PNV-10T Night vision.

You need 3 parts to complete the night vision and a compatible helmet. Skier sells two of three parts you need; the PNV-10T for 30240 Roubles and the PNV-10T dovetail adapter for 2495 Roubles. The last piece is sold by Peacekeeper and is the Norotos Titanium Advanced Tactical mount and it will cost you $41. Once you have everything you need for the night vision goggles, ensure you have the correct helmet to pair it with. I would recommend the 6B47 Ratnik-BSh Helmet coming in at 32113 Roubles from Ragman.

I don’t do lots of night runs, but I figured this might give me the best chance of killing the most scavs per run. And it did. I soon realized there are a lot of badly geared players loading into night runs with the hope of not getting spotted by other players and making it out alive with some loot. This added a lot of fun to my night raids. I killed many of these rats because I could see them and they couldn’t see me. I also killed about nine to ten scavs per round, making this quest easy to complete.

Was the quest rewards worth it?

What did I get for all this effort? For a change, Prapor rewarded me with some decent loot. I don’t think it will cover the cost of all the gear that I lost, but it’s not bad. The rewards include 12400 experience, some reputation with him and Skier, 2625 dollars and a DVL-10 Saboteur sniper rifle Urbana.

Taking a gamble to go in with night vision got me out of the lull of completing this quest. Can night runs help with other quests as well? To answer this question I will head into ‘The Punisher Part 4’ and share my experience with you. Good luck out there and remember, do not cheap out on ammo!