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Legends of Runeterra weekly vault roundup – stats don’t lie

Legends of Runeterra delivers our weekly dopamine hit

The time has come to crack open the first Legends of Runeterra weekly vault during the open beta. Thousands of players have waited for this moment, where they receive rewards for the time they spent playing during the week. Even better, these rewards are persistent and any cards and shards gained will carry over into the full release of the game.

The weekly vault grows more valuable the more experience you contribute toward it during your play. You can grow your vault up to level 13 where you will receive three diamond chests. Getting to level 13 demands quite a time investment, especially after level 10. You will need around 4000 experience per level from 10 onwards.

If you try to complete your daily quests and get two or three PvP wins per day, you can easily reach level 10! Level 10 is a good level to aim for as achieving this will net you an expedition token.

Legends of Runeterra weekly vault
My lucky weekly vault with a Platinum chest upgraded to Diamond

The effort versus reward conundrum

Effort versus reward is an important concept in gaming and we like to be rewarded for the amount of effort we put into the game. Without getting too philosophical, reward is a subjective concept and what one player may find rewarding will not necessarily be the same for the next player. That aside, most of us would like the biggest bang for our buck so to speak.

To explore the effort versus reward scale for the Legends of Runeterra weekly vault, I scoured the internet for images and videos. These images and videos needed to include two things:

A clear indication of the level of the weekly vault; and

the summary screen after the entire vault was looted.

The first prerequisite was easy to figure out either from the intro screen to the vault opening or the chest indicator which correlates to the level of the vault. The second prerequisite wasn’t more difficult but sometimes took forever when players skipped their summary screen. In these cases, I had to physically count everything they received, almost as bleak as the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Manually counting shards is more tedious than you think

I eventually ended up with 101 data entries. Not a large scale study but enough data to get some good averages to work with. I then categorized the data to keep the level difference in mind, this resulted in three categories:

Category 1: Vault Level 1-5

Category 2: Vault Level 6-9

Category 3: Vault Level 10-13

Diving into the stats

As one would imagine, 78% of the data came from the vaults in the level range of 10-13. This makes sense as no one will boast online about their level 4 vault. Of the 78% data in that range, a further 84% of the data came for max level vaults. Hopefully, I can add some lower-level vault data into the mix in the coming weeks. But for now, this is what we have available. Therefore you can compare your current and future rewards to data that mostly reflects maximum effort vaults.

Lists of averages are efficient tools for a general comparison but will not achieve more than that. As with any live service game, things can change quickly and this can occasionally invalidate the results. There are other factors that come into play when we discuss the Legends of Runeterra weekly vault rewards:

One being that the number of shards you receive from the rewards fluctuate significantly based on how many cards you already own. If you receive a fourth copy of any card, it is converted into shards. Therefore some players will receive large numbers of shards because they already own a lot of the cards they received; 

Another being that when cards are converted to shards, they will not count for the number of cards received as they do not exist as cards any longer.

Legends of Runeterra weekly vault – the results

Averages exist to give us an idea of what the middle would look like, bringing the extremely high and low cases into balance. So without further ado, I present to you the average rewards for the first Legends of Runeterra weekly vault during the open beta:

Legends of Runeterra weekly vault statistics

Those of you who dislike reading infographics here is the TL;DR:

Average number of shards: 1965

Average number of common cards: 25

Average number of rare cards: 11

Average number of epic cards: 5

Average number of champion cards: 0.5

There we go, the average amount of rewards you can expect for a weekly vault in the 10-13 level range. Note that each of the card categories include both wildcards and normal ones.

Coming back to the effort vs reward question. I would say that these rewards are good for a level 10 vault. You will need to invest around an hour of play per day to build a level 10 vault. Therefore you can expect to spend 7-10 hours per week playing PvP to achieve this. On the other hand, maxing out the vault will take much longer. I haven’t achieved it yet, but even just getting to level 12 took more than double the time needed to reach level 10.

It is for each player to decide if the grind is worth it, but at least you now have something to compare your results to!

How did Beards, Swords, and Shotguns fare?

Both of us here at Beards, Swords, and Shotguns played a bit of Legends of Runeterra during the week. I made it all the way to level 12 for my vault and Jean got to level 9. Let’s see how I did:

Weekly vault summary

I am quite happy with my rewards. For the most part I was close to the average, but I did well with epic cards and I received a champion card! I would rate my vault 8/10 in terms of the effort I put in for the rewards. My champion card is Anivia which I am happy about!

Jean’s results are surely the more interesting of the two. With only a level 9 vault it gives you an idea what you can expect from the weeks where you don’t get to play much.

Weekly vault summary

Shard-wise he didn’t do well, receiving around 600 fewer shards than the average. All is not doom and gloom though as he had an average card yield with only a level 9 vault. He also received a champion card to sweeten the deal.

Getting ready for next Tuesday

Legends of Runeterra and its weekly vault gives players something to look forward to each Tuesday. Working toward a goal gives players a sense of time and purpose supporting their journey in playing the game in a way that they find satisfying. The relatively small time investment to reach level 10 is fantastic for more casual players. Getting a level 10 vault each week will result in even casual players being able to construct competitive decks. May you beat the odds next week!