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Legends of Runeterra’s most popular decks – Stats Don’t Lie

Winning the popularity contest

The Legends of Runeterra open beta has been available to play for almost two weeks now. Players battle each other daily hoping to win and gain the most experience points they can. Experience points help you level up your weekly vault and level up your active region. Both the weekly vault and your active region rewards you with cards and shards to build the best and most powerful deck you can. After two weeks of relentless battles, players have built enough decks for us to dive into and analyze. In this week’s Stats Don’t Lie section we look at Legends of Runeterra’s most popular decks.

Legends of Runeterra's most popular decks
Garen would be ecstatic if he slices through the competition

Who cares which decks are popular?

Some people prefer to play the game without spending time to figure out which decks are popular. They play Legends of Runeterra without paying heed to the meta. While there is certainly nothing wrong with playing Legends of Runeterra this way, it is nice to win every now and again.

A case in point of this method of playing is my recent attempts at an Anivia deck. I genuinely love playing with Anivia. I also genuinely hate to lose four out of every five matches I play. When I looked at popular decks and combo’s I could change my Anivia deck from being utterly useless to be a little less of a losing cause to play. Some days I even win enough to make use of my PvP bonus experience!

The moral of the story, in this case, is that knowing which decks are popular can help you improve your own iteration of that deck.

But there is more

A step further than simply upgrading your own deck is to replicate one of the popular decks hoping to emulate its success. The number of websites and YouTube channels dedicated to listing the high win rate decks is a testament to the potential success we can achieve when we try these decks.

There is a catch however, these decks usually require cards we don’t own yet. This is not necessarily something negative as the quest to get these cards help us set goals and add purpose to our playtime.

When we try to emulate successful decks, we can be competitive in the game while enjoying the knowledge and theory crafting of others. For more casual players this is one perk of an active community willing to share their success.

Wait, there is even more

Some players prefer to have good knowledge of the meta and know which Legends of Runeterra decks are popular. With this knowledge, they construct decks that cut through the meta to help them compete at the higher ranks.

When we know which decks are popular, we learn what to expect when playing PvP. When you see a deck with the Noxus and Shadow Lands regions active and includes Zed as their champion you will have a good idea of what their strategy is. With this knowledge, you can play your own deck and know which trades and counters will help you win the game.

This strategy is useful to players who have more time on their hands. It is also popular among those who want to achieve high ranks during a season.

Legends of Runeterra most popular deck - knowing more
The more you know the better your chances of ranking up!

Legends of Runeterra’s most popular decks – Week 1 February 2020

Before we dive into the stats, just a quick disclaimer. Games such as Legends of Runeterra has a dynamic meta which changes as people discover new strategies or Riot patches the game. Therefore these statistics might hold true for this week but can change drastically during the game’s existence.

As always we have scoured the internet to find the most popular Legends of Runeterra decks. To calculate their popularity, we recorded the decks with the highest number of upvotes, likes or reviews. This process resulted in a list of 50 decks which the Legends of Runeterra community rated as popular. One last word of caution, popular decks don’t necessarily translate to high win rates!

The most popular regions and region combos

The most popular region goes to Ionia. This region was present in a staggering 52% of the top 50 most popular decks. The second most popular region was Shadow Isles with a lower although equally impressive representation in 34% of decks.

Legends of Runeterra's most popular decks - Ionia
And the winner is Ionia

It’s tempting to assume that the most popular region combo would be between Ionia and the Shadow Isles, but that would be a mistake. The most popular combo was Demacia and Ionia making up 22% of the top 50 most popular decks. It is interesting to note that only 2% of the remaining Demacia decks were coupled with a region other than Ionia. Second and third place were very close with Freljord and Ionia making up 10% of the decks for second place. In third place, we have the Ionia and Shadow Isles combo making up 8% of the total decks.

The most popular champions and champion combos

The most popular champion award goes to Zed. Zed was part of 24% of the decks in the top 50. This is impressive when we keep in mind that there are 24 champions who battled for the first place. Braum is not far behind Zed and is used in 20% of the top 50 most popular decks. Third place goes to Elise with a respectable 12% representation among the top 50 decks.

Legends of Runeterra's most popular decks - Zed
Zed struck the enemy Nexus twice and became very popular

The most popular champion combo goes to Zed and Braum, dominating the battlefield together in 8% of the top 50 decks. Keeping in mind that there are 24 champions across only 50 decks, 8% is quite high. Elise and Darius combine for an elegant but brutal second place by being present in 6% of the top 50 most popular decks.

Stats don’t lie, but do they tell the whole truth?

That is it for our Legends of Runeterra’s most popular decks. Hopefully, you can use some of these archetypes to boost your rank this week. If you have found other decks that you feel are popular that we have missed, let us know in the comments. If you are just starting out with Legends of Runeterra check out our starter tips. Next week we will update our top 50 rankings and look at the least popular decks currently in play.