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Loop Hero: How To Get Orb Of Expansion

After you build the first few structures in your village, you will see a new resource needed to keep building additional structures. The Orb of expansion is required for many buildings past the halfway mark of your village upgrades, and in this Loop Hero guide we will show how to get the Orb of expansion. For those of you who have not yet unlocked the encyclopedia entry, the orb of expansion in Loop Hero is the brown one. 

Loop Hero: How To Get Brown Orb

The quick answer is that you need to complete fights against more than four enemies on a tile. If you are victorious, there is a chance that an orb of expansion will drop. The more enemies in the fight, the higher the chance of a drop of the elusive brown orb in Loop Hero. As anyone who has played Loop Hero knows, it is not as simple as that. How do you get more than four enemies on a tile and how do you survive the fight? Because of these very important questions, we have put together a few strategies for farming orbs of expansion. Take note: we play with the necromancer so our “difficulty rating” may differ for other classes. 

A village and vampire mansion – Difficulty 9/10

We really try to avoid this combo as the wooden warriors really hurt once you attack them because of their 100% chance to counter. But if nothing else is available, you can place 10 tree tiles (forests and thickets) to force the village to spawn. Simply place a vampire mansion next to it and you should regularly have more than four enemies to fight as you move through the loops. With four wooden warriors, a vampire, and vampire bats when the vampire hits 50% health you should have a good fight on your hands.

Goblin camp and vampire mansion – Difficulty 8/10

Similar to the strategy we just discussed, replace the trees with stone (rocks and mountains) and you will spawn a goblin camp. Place the vampire mansion next to the camp and you will have more than enough enemies to fight. The goblins are slightly weaker than the wooden warriors and go down pretty fast, making the fight at least a bit easier. This is an excellent method for farming orbs of expansion in Loop Hero, as you can put this combo down very early in a run. 

Ruins and vampire mansion – Difficulty 8/10

For this method you simply place a ruins card with a vampire mansion nearby and you will soon have lots of enemies to fight. The scorch worms are slightly easier than the goblins and give much better loot. A word of caution though, do not place another ruins-card next to the one you plan on farming as the scorch worms can assist tiles next to them. Doing this will make it very hard to survive the orb of expansion farming.

Ransacked village – Difficulty 7/10

This is our favourite method for farming the brown orbs in Loop Hero. To create a ransacked village, place a village card with a vampire mansion next to it. This will change the village into a ransacked village. Four ghouls will spawn on the tile on each new loop, and they are quite easy to bring down. This method does however come with some pros and cons. You will need to create a few ransacked villages as you can only farm one for 3 loops until it transforms into the count’s lands. The upside though is that the count’s lands is a supercharged village, providing more health upon entry and giving quests that provide high-quality loot. We also found this method to be the quickest to farm orbs of expansion.

Loop Hero: How To Get Orb Of Expansion

Spider cocoon and vampire mansion – Difficulty 5/10

For this method to work, place two spider cocoons across from each other with a vampire mansion in range. Spiders spawn rapidly and with the added vampire you have more than four enemies in a flash. We can be totally wrong, but it feels as if this method awarded far fewer orbs of expansion than the others. 

Good luck on your loops

Armed with this information, you can farm lots of the brown orbs in Loop Hero. Upgrades to your village require a lot of orbs of expansion, so better get farming!