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Loop Hero Necromancer Guide

Loop Hero Necromancer Guide

If you have been eyeballing the crypt and looking to unlock the necromancer in Loop Hero, this guide will show you everything you need to know about the necromancer class.

How to unlock the necromancer in Loop Hero

First things first, before you jump in and play as the necromancer in Loop Hero, you have to gain access to the class by building the required structures in your base. If you just recently started playing, you will have to be patient as the necromancer is the class that takes the longest to unlock. You can use either of the other two classes to farm the materials needed for the buildings. These are:


  • 4x Stable Wood
  • 14x Preserved Rock
  • 2x Stable Metal


  • 4x Stable Wood
  • 16x Preserved Rock
  • 9x Stable Metal
  • 1 Orb of expansion (if you want to know how to farm these click here)

Once you have gathered these materials, you can construct the correct buildings to unlock the necromancer class in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero necromancer basics

There are some basic mechanics that are unique to the necromancer class you need to understand to use it effectively. The Necromancer is the most complicated class to play, and can be very squishy if you don’t focus your build. If you follow the rest of this guide, it won’t be a problem though!

The necromancer is a summoner class and therefore the damage output is directly related to the minions you summon in combat. If these minions die, the enemies will start hitting the necromancer and as a caster you will die with only a few shots. Therefore, the most important thing for the necromancer class is having a constant supply of new minions and enough health to survive periods where you need to summon new ones.

The main and unique stats for the necromancer are summon level, skeleton quality and max skeletons, which are discussed in detail a bit later in this Loop Hero Necromancer guide. A good balance of these stats is very important for your chances of doing high-level loops and defeating bosses.

The necromancer class is quite strong against most of the minions you will face on your loops, but can occasionally have trouble with bandits and wooden soldiers when you attack them if you are full on summons. Being strong has its downside, as combat is resolved slower than any other class, so if you are looking for a class that is fast through loops, necromancer is probably not the best choice.

With a good idea about the basics of the necromancer class in Loop Hero, we can jump into some more detail to help you build the ultimate summoner. Let’s first look at the unique stats in more detail.

Loop Hero necromancer summon quality

This is the most confusing of the new stats, as the game never really explicitly shows what is improved by summon quality on the necromancer. But do not despair we have the answer right here. The higher your percentage of summon quality, the higher chance you have to summon a stronger version of your minions. This is perhaps a suitable spot to discuss the different necromancer minion variants in Loop Hero:

Loop Hero necromancer minions

Loop Hero Necromancer minion basic skeleton

Basic skeleton – nothing special, your basic skeleton warrior. It does an average amount of damage and can take a decent beating before dying. This is the most common necromancer minion, so you will see them a lot in your battles.

Loop Hero Necromancer minion rogue skeleton

Attack skeleton – a rogue skeleton armed with two claw weapons. This necromancer minion does much higher damage than the basic skeleton, but can’t take a lot of damage. These are very nice if you summon them in your third or fourth slot, as they can inflict tremendous damage in short amounts of time.

Loop Hero Necromancer minion guard skeleton

Guard skeleton – a buff skeleton with a huge shield. This skeleton is your tank unit, it can take vast amounts of damage but does only a bit with its own attacks. When this minion is summoned by the necromancer, it forces all enemies to attack it, giving your other minions a gap to deal damage without dying to enemy attacks.

Loop Hero Necromancer minion archer skeleton

Archer skeleton – a skeleton with a bow. This minion can only be summoned in your fifth slot onward and does a decent amount of damage while being outside the damage range of enemies.

Loop Hero Necromancer minion mage skeleton

Mage skeleton – mages are your premium ranged summon. Similar to the archers, they can only appear in your fifth slot onward and inflict high damage from range.

These are all the available minions for the necromancer in Loop Hero, and you need summon quality on your gear to summon the attack, guard, and mage minions. To recap how summon quality works in Loop Hero; if you have 25% summon quality, it means that you have a 25% chance to summon a better version of your minions per summon. So it’s a good idea to have enough summon quality on your gear.

Loop Hero necromancer skeleton level

This stat is pretty straightforward – the higher your skeleton level, the higher the level of your summons. This is a very important stat to keep up with as you don’t want to be on loop 9 with a skeleton level of 5. If your skeleton level is too low compared to the loop you are on, your skeletons will be crushed in combat.

Another way of understanding skeleton level in Loop Hero is that skeleton level shows the power or strength of your minions. Ideally you want to be at or above the level of the loop you are on.

Loop Hero max skeletons

It may seem like a simple stat and one that is less important than the others. This is very far from the truth, as having more minions on the field has lots of advantages for your necromancer. The more minions you can summon, the smaller the chance of attacks hitting the necromancer. With the meager amount of defense and health of the necromancer, this is quite important.

Once you unlock 5 or more summon slots, things start to get insane. From your fifth minion onward, you will summon ranged minions that barrage the enemy with ranged attacks. This added damage is important, and on some bosses I felt I needed that extra firepower to beat it.

Loop Hero necromancer build

With all the information up to this point, you should have a good idea of how the class works and what the stats mean. But that is just the start of the journey and having a proper Necromancer build in Loop Hero is the next step.

As disclaimer, there are many ways to build the necromancer class in Loop Hero, but this is how I have had the most success in both farming and boss runs.

How much summon quality do I need?

This is a difficult one, you want as much as possible but not at the cost of summon level. The moment you have zero summon quality, you won’t summon any upgraded versions of your minions. I would aim for around 20% summon quality, but the more the better. If you have zero summon quality, the later loops will be very difficult to survive.

What skeleton level do I need?

My rule of thumb is to have the same or more than the current loop I am on. This is tricky to get during the early loops, but as you gain better gear you should be fine. If you fall too far behind, you will die against the enemies. Skeleton level is more important than any other stats on your rings and grimoire.

How many minions do I need?

5 is the ideal number, but it is very difficult to achieve while balancing the other stats. To reach this number, it is important to spend your level points on the minion cap if you have the option. You can also use the Arsenal gold card to gain access to a shield slot and equip a shield that boosts the minion cap. I would not suggest having less than three minions available, as tiles with lots of enemies will overwhelm you.

What amulet is the best for a necromancer?

I usually take the amulet with the highest magical hp number. This magical health barrier is crucial to your survival, so want it to be as high as possible. If I find an amulet with lots of other stats and only a drop of a few points in magical hp, I will swap.

When you gain a level, there is an ability that buffs your magical hp by 0.5 for every minion you summon. If you can get this early in a run, it is extremely powerful as you can add hundreds of bonus health over the course of a few loops.

What about meadows, deserts, mountains, forests and rivers?

I usually only take rivers and forests to gain as much attack speeds as possible. Attack speed for the necromancer in Loop Hero directly determines how fast you can summon minions. Therefore, the faster you attack the higher the chance of having active minions and not taking damage as a necromancer.

I usually build the river in an “L” shape with forest tiles on both sides. This means that I have around 300% attack speed when I reach loop 10, which is enough to ensure a steady supply of minions to do your dirty work.

I hardly ever use meadows and deserts as a necromancer in Loop Hero. Meadows has its uses to top off your health, but I find having a few village cards in play is more effective. As for deserts, they reduce the maximum hp for ALL units in the battle, meaning that your minions will also have less health. They are already a bit squishy, so reducing their health is not the best idea.

Mountains can be handy to buff your health, but I feel when enemies damage your health you have failed on the minion front. If you place mountains in 9×9 squares, you will also have harpies to deal with and they hurt a lot.

Loop Hero necromancer tips and tricks

If you keep to most of what we have discussed in this Loop Hero necromancer guide, you should have at least some success. To conclude the guide, there are some additional Loop Hero necromancer tips you may find handy:

Avoid stacking tiles early

The necromancer starts out very weak and rapidly gains power from the fifth loop onward. Try to avoid stacking tiles with spiders or ransacked villages early in a run, as you will probably die. Your minions are simply not strong enough to keep large amounts of enemies at bay in lower loops.

Use Oblivion on wooden warrior villages

On later loops, and once you have lots of attack speed, wooden warriors can be very problematic. Wooden warriors have a 100% chance to counter and once your minions are at capacity, you will attack them. Their counters on higher loops can quickly diminish your health, so be careful!

Take care when fighting bandits

When fighting bandits in Loop Hero, they can occasionally steal one of your items. It’s easy to miss this theft and if you enter the next battle without your amulet or grimoire, it can mean the end of a run.

Go Forth and Conquer

Hopefully this Loop Hero Necromancer Guide helps you beat some bosses and farm some orbs. Good luck out there!