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Might & Magic Chess Royale

Yet another Auto Chess

Most of us love Auto Chess games and yet another one dropped on the 29th January, Might and Magic Chess Royale. Ubisoft made a big move when they released the game on PC, iOS and Android simultaneously.

What can you expect from yet another Auto Chess?

I have played the game on both PC and iOS so here are some of my first impressions. On PC the game feels like a quick and dirty piece of software. It runs smoothly and I have yet to run into any game breaking bugs or issues but visually it looks bleak. I believe it runs smoothly because the bulk of the developers’ effort probably went into the mobile versions optimising every last bit. On iOS I immediately felt like this is the device this game was meant to be played on.

Did you say 100 players?

What sets MMCR apart is the fact that they took the 8 player royale that we are used to and said, you know what lets crank it up all the way to 100. When you start it’s quite overwhelming seeing 100 avatars representing their countries with a little flag. The game was released without many features and you don’t have a lot of options when you start. No friend interaction, no option to spectate and no leaderboards.

You feel pretty isolated in the crowd and everything happens really quick. I enjoyed that they cut out unnecessary interactions. The moment to moment experience feels optimized and in this game literally every second counts. I played a round where I ended up 7th and that took about 15 minutes, making this a great filler while you commute.

100 Player Auto Chess, Image Credit: Ubisoft
100 Player Auto Chess

What does MMCR have that other auto chess games don’t?

The spell shop

Besides the 100 player madness, they also introduced a spell shop. The spell shop opens once you reach top 100 or at round 4. In the spell shop you can find different spells unlocking as the match progresses. You have to buy spells with in-game currency gained after each round. The spell shop only has 120 common, 80 rare and 40 legendary spells. Hurry while stocks last! 

The spells only last for five rounds after your purchase. You have to make a strategic choice between more experience, a unit, shuffling your unit deck or buying a spell. You can do multiple of these options if you have enough cash at your disposal. The developers rotate the spells frequently and the spells below were available at the time of writing.

The spell shop Auto Chess
The spell shop Auto Chess

Common Spells

Meteor Strikes, every 7 seconds a meteor crash on a random foe, damaging it and all nearby foes for 250 Magic damage. This one is great especially if your enemy’s units are not spread out. If you are getting bad draws and not hitting off those synergies, be sure to let the meteor carry you to victory.

Powerplay, your units gain 10% Critical Chance when starting the battle with more units than your opponent. This spell heavily relies on your strategy. If you are planning on saving up and getting your units to level two rather than filling up the board, I would say skip this one.

Meteor Might & Magic Auto Chess
Meteor Might & Magic Auto Chess

Rare Spells

Deadeye, your range attacks have a 10% chance to ignore armor. A no-brainer if you are running a ranged board or if you have high level ranged units.

Mourning Silence, Every time one of your units dies, all foes have a 50% chance to suffer from silence for 2 seconds. This has saved my butt a few times, I highly recommend you pick this one up.


Berserk, your units gain +130% damage when they reach less than 10% of their maximum HP. This one is confusing to me and there is even a spelling error in the description of this spell ingame. I would suggest you rather invest your hard earned cash elsewhere.

Bullying, stunned foes now also take 150 magical damage. Highly situational, see if it fits your current strategy before buying.

When do you lose?

Unlike other titles in the genre, Might and Magic Chess Royale only gives you 3 losses to speed up play, which is not a bad thing at all. It’s as simple as it sounds you can loose 3 rounds, when losing your third round you will fall out of the match.


I would say it’s not a bad attempt from Ubisoft’s  at having a title in the Auto Chess genre. It feels cheap but it’s functional. The ranking system feels insignificant and there is no real incentive to level up. If you enjoy this genre I would recommend you give this title a fair chance. There is an active reddit where the developers engage with the audience and take note of any valid feedback. They also mentioned they will be sharing their global roadmap. I will be keeping my eye on this game and jump in again once they add some more meat.