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Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

In Minecraft Dungeons you have four types of items. Each category of items is represented by an icon, making it easy to differentiate between the different categories . Answering the question, ‘what types of items are there in Minecraft Dungeons?’ This leads us to the following categories: Ranged weapons, Melee Weapons, Armor and Artifacts. In this article we will look at the list of artifacts that you can expect to get your hands on in Minecraft Dungeons.

What is an Artifact in Minecraft Dungeons?

In Minecraft dungeons, artifacts are one of the tools in your arsenal to help you overcome the Arch Illager’s reign of chaos. An artifact functions like a traditional instant cast spell or scroll that requires no mana and works on a cooldown. Artifacts can have the following attributes:

  • An unique artifact ability, this includes abilities that does damage, heal, defend and even summons allies;;
  • Cooldowns that range from 1 to 30 seconds;
  • A soul gathering mechanic. When artifacts use the soul gathering mechanic, you can expect a certain amount of bonus souls gathered as well as a sign reminding you that you need souls to use the artifact. The easiest way to identify if it works with souls is this little icon.

How many Artifacts can I have equipped in Minecraft Dungeons?

You can have three artifacts equipped on your character, creating room for using different artifacts that suits different play styles. You can also have three of the same artifact to ensure maximum up-time. Whether you want to drop three Regeneration totems or max out on the Fireworks arrows, it’s up to you.

Where do you get Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons?

When you select your next mission, have a peek at the mission details and you will notice that it indicates the possible artifact drops for the level. This is a simple way to farm specific artifacts, although some artifacts are only attainable on apocalypse difficulty. If you picked up an artifact you love early in the game, that artifact will most likely have a low item level. When you’re at a higher level, consider going back to get that same artifact, but with a higher level. Artifacts drop from chests, bosses and even regular mobs, encouraging players to clear out levels and keep an eye out for hidden chests.

Minecraft Dungeons artifacts
Farming Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons [Image credit: Mojang Studios]

Another way to get artifacts in Minecraft dungeons is to gamble some of your hard earned gems at the wandering trader. The wandering trader appears in your camp once you complete the Pumpkin Patch level. Don’t feel the need to hold onto your gems anyway, you can only use them to gamble for better loot at this point, so why not spend them?

Tasty Bone• 30 Second cooldown
• Summon damage
Summons a wolf companion to help you fight
Totem of Shielding• 20 Second cooldown
• Duration
Shields you and your allies from projectiles
Fireworks Arrow• 30 second cooldown
• Ranged damage
Arrow explodes on impact
Iron Hide Amulet• 25 Seconds cooldown
• Duration
Defense boost to you and your allies
Light Feather• 3 Seconds cooldown
• Stun duration
Stuns and knocks back enemies
Death Cap Mushroom• 30 Seconds cooldown
• Duration
Increases attack and movement speed
Shock Powder• 15 Seconds cooldown
• Stun duration
Stuns nearby enemies
Flaming quiver• 30 Seconds cooldown
• Ranged damage per second
Gives you burning arrows
Soul Healer• 1 Seconds cooldown
• Health healed
• Soul gathering
• Requires souls
Heals most injured ally, including yourself
Torment Quiver• 1 Seconds cooldown
• Ranged damage
• Souls gathering
• Requires souls
Gives slow arrows that knocks back enemies and passes through walls
Corrupted Beacon• Artifact damage per second
• Souls gathering
• Requires souls
Fires a powerful beam, consumes souls
Fishing Rod• 5 Seconds cooldown
• Stun duration
Pulls closest enemy to you, briefly stunning that enemy
Wind Horn• 10 Seconds cooldown
• Block Push
Pushes enemies away from you and slows them
Totem of Regeneration• 25 Seconds cooldown
• Healing
Totem that creates a circle of healing for you and your allies
Harvester• 1 Second cooldown
• Artifact damage
• Souls gathering
• Requires souls
Release a soul explosion causing AOE damage
Boots of Swiftness• 5 Seconds cooldown
• Duration
Brief speed boost
Wonderful Wheat• 30 Seconds cooldownSummons a Llama companion to help you fight
Lightning Rod• Artifact damage per second
• Souls gathering
• Requires souls
Calls down a bolt of lighting
Ghost Cloak• 30 Seconds cooldownBriefly gain Ghost Form, allowing you to move through mobs and absorb some damage.
Golem Kit• 30 Seconds cooldown
• Summon damage
Summons Iron Golem
Gong of Weakening• 20 Seconds cooldown
• Duration
Weakens enemies, lowering their damage and defense
Love Medallion• 20 Seconds cooldown
• Boosted damage
Turns up to three enemies into allies for ten seconds before they disappear
Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

We have been enjoying the souls builds the most thus far, let us know which are your favourite artifacts.


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