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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord mods – the best of April 2020

It’s been almost a month since the Early Access release of Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord and the game’s reception has been fantastic to say the least. The developers pushed daily updates and hotfixes during the first few days, fixing many of the most glaring issues with the release. They have since reverted to weekly updates with an optional beta branch where you can be part of the development as it happens. The current state of the game is surprisingly stable and players are hoping for some missing features to be added in the coming weeks. While the developers have been superb in supporting the game, the community has also risen to the challenge and there are already over 500 Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord mods at the time of writing. 

These mods range from almost being essential to being absurd and game-breaking. Here at Beard Swords Shotguns we prefer to mod our games to either improve quality of life or enhance graphical elements. We avoid mods that change the balance of the game from what it was intended to be. Therefore, in this Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord best mod list, the mods will either make the game a more pleasant experience to play or they will improve your sensory experience by enhancing graphics or sound. With that said, let’s dive into the best Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord mods for April 2020.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord mods
[Image: TaleWorlds]

1. Configurable War Attrition – NickMillion

This is probably our favourite mod in the current context of the game. If you’ve played more than a few hours on the vanilla version of the game, you would have noticed that after a few in-game years one or two of the nations are starting to dominate. In our games it was usually Khuzait and Vlandia and in the worst of cases one of these nations would literally wipe out the other nations in just a few years. 

Now we know war is hell, but this is still a game and we would like to have some fun before we have to submit to the one world order. The Mount and Blade series is famous for allowing players to craft their own stories in the open world sandbox it gives them. Some of us become wealthy merchants, others become mercenaries, and an elite few become merciless warlords executing every lord and lady that fall into their hands. Unfortunately, most of these stories are not possible if only one faction dominates the known world.

This is where NickMillions Configurable War Attrition mod comes in. This mod allows you to change different settings relating to AI Kingdom behaviour. We have had fantastic results on the default settings, but you can change them to your liking. You can use the mod to change crucial parameters influencing how long wars and truces last, helping smaller nations rebuild before the larger and more wealthy nations wipe them out. 

It really is a bummer if you put over 30 hours into the campaign only to have one nation take it all in rapid time. With this mod you can ensure that your campaign will last long enough for you to have a substantial influence on the state of the world.

You can download and install the mod here.

2. Dismemberment – jedijosh920

jedijosh920’s mod video

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord has some of the most glorious and brutal battles you are likely to see this year. We love walking across the battlefield after a massive engagement, just staring at the carnage. It is usually littered with corpses piled up in the locations where the battle was at its peak. The grass and other natural elements are covered in the blood of the fallen, and dozens of arrows and spears are sticking out of everything around the battle site. 

It’s tough when you notice some of your tier 5 units among the dead and that really gives weight to the battles. It’s difficult to replace your veterans. Looking from a different perspective, it really is satisfying when most of the corpses are those of your enemies. 

The Dismemberment mod from jedijosh920 only enhances the euphoric feeling of having won a massive battle. Now you can see the corpses of your enemies strewn across the battlefield, sometimes in more pieces than one. That’s right, this mod enables cut attacks to have a chance to chop off the victim’s head. Now you can have some heads roll before you get to the execution of your prisoners.

Hopefully, the modder will add support so other body parts can be dismembered, but for now we have heads!

You can download and install the mod here.

3. Grow Up And Work – kleinersilver

One of the epic features of Mount and Blade 2 is to start your very own family. It begins with you courting a partner of your choice by succeeding at a bunch of dialogue checks. After this process you will have to seek the leader of the clan you are courting and pay him or her for the marriage to continue. 

After this you are married, and you can start building a family. We played male characters, and our wives were constantly pregnant. In one of our games we have five crotch goblins just doing their part in diving into our food supplies with no return on investment. They take quite a while to grow up and by the time they are ready to be of use you have played many hours.

With kleinsilver’s Grow Up And Work mod, you can skip the tedium of having a family and immediately start building your very own child workforce. The mod speeds up the rate at which your children ages until you can use them to fight or manage a settlement. After they turn 18 the rate is set back to normal.

This mod doesn’t really change the balance of the game unless you abuse it and build an army of little you’s. We used it to speed up our first few children so we can have a proper clan to help us rule the world. 

You can download and install the mod here.

4. Better NPC’s – SirManezao

To be honest, the way NPC’s look is probably irrelevant in the war fueled kingdoms of Calradia. But when I roleplay I would at least like a variety of people to look at, not only the ugliest bastards the world has to offer. 

Luckily SirManezao’s Better NPC’s mod enhances the looks of NPC’s across the board. The modder clearly states that the mod is not intended to make all the characters beauty queens all of a sudden. The mod just balances out the ugliness. 

Better looking NPC’s won’t change the world, but it does enhance your experience and immersion in the world of Calradia.

You can download and install the mod here.

5. Better Quicksave – xsubdude

Saving and loading your game in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is a bit of an awkward experience. The game has a quicksave option, but that simply overwrites your latest save file. Meaning you can have hours of gameplay tied to a single save. 

With the Better Quicksave mod by xsubdude this is changed for the better. You can allocate a number of quicksave slots and whenever you save your game using this function, it overwrites the oldest. In other words, you now have a functional quicksave system making saving much less of a hassle. 

For perfectionist gamers this is fantastic as you can now fully embrace your desire to save scum and for those that prefer to be a slave to the whims of the game, at least you have some backup saves for when the game really breaks down. 

You can download and install the mod here.

Back to the battlefield

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord mods will keep enhancing the gameplay experience with awesome quality of life changes and epic additions to the world. We will keep our eyes peeled for the best ones and you can check back here to see our favourite mods as more are released. If you have friends that will benefit from this knowledge share this article with them and spread the modding goodness.

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