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New Indie Games For 25 April – 1 May 2020

Our weekly roundup for new indie games releasing from 25 April – 1 May 2020 include some exciting titles. This upcoming week has a little of everything but we are especially excited for the new physics-based, narrative-based and horror indie games making their way to our hard drives soon.

Moving Out – 28 April 2020

Top new indie games April 2020 Moving Out
Finally, moving out is something to look forward to. [Image: Team17 Digital]

If you are a fan of games with wacky and fun physics such as Human Fall Flat and Goat Simulator, then you will be delighted with Team17 Digital’s newest offer, Moving Out. 

You are a newly appointed and certified “furniture arrangement and relocation technician” or simply stated, you work for a moving company. As a mover, your profession requires you to move different pieces of furniture and other packed objects to a moving van or truck. When everything is loaded, the furniture can be transported to its new location. With only this description, the game sounds a lot like House Flipper or other “realistic” simulation games. This, however, is not the case.

In Moving Out, time is money and therefore you are required to get the furniture to the truck as quickly as possible with little regard for anything else, not part of the things you need to move. The result is a chaotic experience where you are literally required to trash everything around you to get whatever you are carrying to the moving truck. 

Take this scenario for instance, you are on the second story of a beautiful house. Enormous windows overlook the peaceful neighbourhood and driveway of the house. Your moving truck is parked in said driveway and you need to get an L-shaped couch down some narrow stairs to load it. What do you do?

Meticulously navigate the couch down the narrow staircase, frequently stopping and shifting to avoid damaging the pictures on the wall and the wood-finished railing of the stairs, or

Position the couch in front of the large windows and gather the troops. Start swinging the couch back and forth to build momentum. Release the couch with forward momentum and watch it smash through the windows and crash down below close to the truck. Run down the stairs and quickly load the couch.

If number two is an enticing option, then Moving Out may just be the game for you! From our side it will most likely be a day-1 purchase.

Fire Escape – 29 April 2020

Top new indie games April 2020 Fire Escape
Like The Sims, but way darker. [Image: iNK Stories]

Developer iNK Stories labels their game as an interactive murder mystery set in Brooklyn with a distinct nod to the work of Alfred Hitchcock. For those who are unaware of who Alfred Hitchcock was, he was a director and producer famous for creating films ridden with suspense which kept audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats. 

Referencing Hitchcock as an influence for their game, we can be sure that Fire Escape will not be a relaxing experience but rather an intense and engaging one. The game revolves around a mysterious murder committed in an apartment building and now all suspects are confined to their own apartments while the investigation is being conducted. 

The player observes all the proceedings from a vantage point where they can see what is happening in all the other apartments and by doing this gain insight into the details around the suspected homicide. The game takes an interesting approach and gives the player a kind of voyeuristic pleasure at observing the suspects go about their business in their apartments. This is apt as voyeur stems from the Latin word videre, which means “to see”. It seems that most of your observations are done using your smartphone and that just adds to the mature and voyeuristic atmosphere of the game. 

Fire Escape looks to be a thoroughly engaging game playing with elements of taboo with the player having an ever expanding omniscient role in the narrative. Probably a day-1 buy from us!

WarriOrb – 28 April 2020

Top new indie games April 2020 WarriOrb
Platforming as a demon trapped in a ball, sounds legit. [Image: Not Yet]

If Ori and the Will of the Wisps left you craving more platforming goodness, WarriOrb may satisfy your needs. 

In stark contrast to the Ori games, WarriOrb has you playing as a mighty demon trapped in a comical ball-like body. As you can probably guess, the game is set in a fantasy world filled with creatures you would expect to find in a world like this. 

The aim of the game is to regain your freedom and break the bonds of your ball-like body. The journey toward freedom is one where you will have to navigate your way through a variety of locations avoiding traps and solving puzzles. Based on the trailer and available information, there are loads of different ways to die promising a challenging platforming experience. The developer, Not Yet, also mentions that while the game uses a comical visual and narrative style, it is built upon a tragic story of loss and desperation. 

It does remind us a little of the fantastic Beyond Divinity from Larian Studios where the paladin and death knight had a humorous and at times serious and deep relationship. We have high hopes for WarriOrb and look forward to experiencing its challenges and narrative come the 28th of April.

Landlord’s Super – 30 April 2020, Early Access

Top new indie games April 2020 Landlord's Super
Ever wanted to take a piss in a cement mixture? This is your chance. [Image: The Yogscast]

Our first simulation game on the list and one that is touted as being the “quintessential construction simulator” by the publisher The Yogscast, is called, Landlord’s Super.

If you enjoyed House Flipper and similar games, Landlord’s Super might be up your alley. The history of construction sims had players engage with many different layers of the construction world. Sometimes we had to build intergalactic cities, island towns, dream houses, residential towers, golf courses and many other things. Landlord’s Super simulates construction on a rarely seen micro-level. This means that you literally have to run into town with your wheelbarrow and steal bricks you find lying around the neighbourhood to have supplies. In one of the gameplay trailers the player even urinates into a cement mixture to get the mix going. 

Now this might be too much for many people and take away from the normal glitz and glamour of building beautiful towns and buildings in similar games. For other people Landlord’s Super shows a different side to construction simulation, one can even say a gritty side. Here there is less glamour and lavish exploits and more realism and slog. The grey-scale English countryside is the perfect backdrop for the game, and its 1980s setting only adds to the atmosphere.

Landlord’s Super is an interesting take on the simulation genre and offers players a new range of experiences. Hopefully, the game takes full advantage of its Early Access release and enters the market as a worthy competitor in the simulation genre.

Follia Dear Father – 30 April 2020

Top new indie games April 2020 Follia Dear Father
I’d rather not play this alone. [Image: Real Game Machine]

Are you filled with dread when you think of your eventual return to your university campus after the world returns to normal? Then you should probably not play this game. Well, unless you prefer your university to be a house of horrors filled with grotesque and hellish creatures, then definitely play this game.

Follia Dear Father places the player in the shoes of Marcus Pitts, a pretty average dude whose parents both work at a university. Some terrible and mysterious stuff went down at the institution in question and now Marcus is on a journey to find his parents.

In order for him to achieve his goal of finding his parents, he has to brave the now transformed halls of the university they work at. Where the halls were once filled with students hungry for knowledge they are now roamed by horrific creatures hungering for flesh. 

It should be obvious that the game is part of the horror genre and developer Real Game Machine describes it as an “immersive survival horror experience”. Real Game Machine has revealed little about the plot and narrative of the game, but the setting is perfect for an interesting and satisfying horror experience. 

As a bonus, the game is available for VR (HTC Vive) if you really want a trouser-browning time with the game.

Wasted World – 27 April 2020, Early Access

Wasted World Steam
Hopefully not a wasted opportunity. [Image: Achrony]

Wasted World is an interesting title, albeit a bit generic looking. The game is based in a post-apocalyptic world and because of pollution, wars and disease we have reduced the world to a junk-filled wasteland. The goal of the game is to use this barren environment and the junk littered all over the place to rebuild society and “make the world green again”. 

According to Achrony, the game started development in June 2019 and has progressed to the point where an Early Access release is viable. As with many small (or even one person teams) doing the development, modelling, graphic effects and marketing for a game is a tall order. 

Wasted World uses low-poly assets that we have seen in many other small indie games. These assets are really well done and look good in games, but we have yet to see a game where the developer manages to really give life to these assets. Another recent game, Heavenworld, released earlier in April 2020 with similar looking assets, also in a post-apocalyptic setting. 

The problem with these assets are that they look gorgeous and entice players to buy the game based on visual stimulation. Most times the mechanics of the game does not hold up to what players perceive the graphics to promise and this leads to disillusioned buyers. 

We are cautiously optimistic for Wasted World’s release and we will follow the development of the game in Early Access. It would be great if Achrony can give these assets the gameplay mechanics they deserve!

Knock Harder – 27 April 2020

Knock Harder Steam
Taking full advantage of the risky nature of indies. [Image: Snail-Ninja Studio]

One advantage of playing indie games is that you get to experience ideas and concepts that are too risky for AAA developers and publishers to attempt. Knock Harder certainly falls into this category and explores the boundaries between the dream world and the real world, although in a pretty macabre manner.

The aim of the game is to determine whether you are dreaming and once you establish that you are in fact not dreaming, stay alive until the timer expires. This is not as easy as it sounds and you will have to explore your environment to learn more about your state of consciousness. 

The developer, Snail-Ninja Studio, notes that there are more than 200 potential signs that help you decide if you are awake or not. If you find evidence that you are dreaming you will need to transition from the dream before the timer expires otherwise you lose the game. The transition part is where the game gets a bit dark. If you decide that you are dreaming you will have to shoot yourself in order to wake up in either another dream or reality. If you shoot yourself in a dreaming state then you simply wake up in the next iteration but if you shoot yourself in reality, you will die. 

The game explores an interesting mechanic, but time will tell if the notion of suicide is approached with enough thought in Knock Harder.

Looking forward to some great new indie games

This concludes our list covering the new indie games releasing in the week of April 25 – May 1 2020. Keep your eyes open for our guides and reviews on many of these games.