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Best New Indie Games for May Week 2 2020

The first week of May was packed with high profile indie releases, whether in Early Access or full versions of the games. We see the second week of May slowing down a bit regarding high profile releases, but that doesn’t mean any fewer indies are making their way to the different digital store fronts. Our picks for this week include some great co-op experiences, cyberpunk-inspired narratives and some good old baseball. Let’s explore our picks for the best indie games of May week 2 2020.

Deep Rock Galactic – 13 May

best new indie games may 2020 Deep Rock Galactic
[Image: Coffee Stain Publishing]

Many of you will be familiar with Deep Rock Galactic as the game was released in Early Access on Steam over two years ago. In the meantime the game has seen a lot of development and changes and the developers now feel that the game is ready for its full release. 

Developer Ghost Ship Games state that Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op experience at heart and that is the ultimate way to experience the game. There is a single-player mode where you team up with a computer-controlled robot that does your bidding. But the gameplay of the lone experience versus dropping in with 3 other friends look worlds apart. There is nothing quite like the chaos and intensity of coordinating a joint effort to complete an objective along with your buddies. The blood, sweat and tears result in hugely satisfying gaming experiences.

Deep Rock Galactic looks to tap into these types of experiences and diving ever deeper to mine higher valued resources is how they do this. It’s not just mining though, but as Hydroneer showed us last week, mining and only mining can be really fun. Deep Rock Galactic has two simple objectives, mine resources and shoot aliens. It’s as simple as that. 

Choose from four classes and work together to mine the most resources while killing everything that tries to stop you. The classes all look and feel unique and their different abilities help you either kill or mine in a more efficient way. 

Deep Rock Galactic already has more than 28000 reviews on Steam and is currently in the “overwhelmingly positive” category. Even if you have waited patiently for its release, you won’t be disappointed when you pick it up on the 13th of May.

ATOM RPG: Trudograd – 11 May Early Access

best new indie games may 2020 Trudograd
[Image: AtomTeam]

If the atmosphere of the Metro series and the gameplay of the early Fallout and Wasteland games get you hyped, you might want to keep an eye on ATOM RPG: Trudograd.

Trudograd places you in the shoes of a rookie agent of the ATOM organization. You were sent on a mission where a disturbing discovery was made that threatens the very existence of mankind. The developers from AtomTeam mentions that Trudograd is a follow-up of their first game ATOM RPG and that the ideal experience would mean that players play both games in sequence. If you only want to play their latest game, this is also fine as the game explores the lore in the first few hours to get you on track. 

The visuals of the game are clearly and heavily influenced by the games in the Wasteland series and this even extends to the UI and HUD elements. Hopefully Trudograd can establish itself as a game worthy of standing on its own feet while paying homage to those that influenced it. 

In a past version of reality we would have been able to play Wasteland 3 by now, but due to delays and other issues this is not the case. If you need a Wasteland sized CRPG fix, Trudograd may be for you!

VirtuaVerse – 12 May

best new indie games may 2020 VirtuaVerse
[Image: Blood Music]

VirtuaVerse looks like a very interesting game in the point-and-click genre. The first videos of the game emerged way back in December 2017, so the game has seen quite an extended period of development. As a game in the cyberpunk universe, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as 2020 is shaping up to the year of cyberpunk-themed games. 

In VirtuaVerse you play as Nathan, a rebel against the new AI-driven society and purveyor of modified hardware. The narrative of the game is triggered by the sudden disappearance of your girlfriend and the investigation that follows. In your journey to find the truth you will be confronted by the many realities of life in a cyberpunk future including dealing with hacker groups, crypto shamans and sifting through hardware cemeteries to reach your goals. 

Visually the game looks stunning and the pixel-based graphics along with the neon colours of a cyberpunk setting makes for a truly pleasing visual experience. From the media available of the game, the environments look detailed and well crafted. This is important in point-and-click style games as the environment are key parts of the narrative.

If you visit the Steam page, you will find a wall of German. Don’t despair though as the game is in English although it is puzzling why the developer explained the game in German. We are very excited for the release of VirtuaVerse and hopefully the game will form part of a great series of point-and-click games to release this year.

Draught Kraft – 14 May Early Access

Draught Craft Steam Early Access
[Image: Vertnacular]

Beer, common to see in social and other settings and with the advent of the craft brewing industry something for the connoisseurs out there. Are you interested in the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between a lager and an ale? Are you appalled when someone mistakes the porter you just poured for them for a stout? Then Draught Kraft might be the game for you.

Draught Kraft is a simulation game and your goal is to build a large and successful brewery to spread your beer to all corners of the world. As with most simulation games you start off with almost nothing, in this case your garage and some basic equipment. Through hard work and good management of your brewery you can eventually purchase larger workspaces, hire employees and expand your business. 

The developer Vertnacular states that the game will have large amounts of flavours and ingredients that you can experiment with to craft epic brews. The idea is to craft a variety of tasty beers and gain popularity in the market. This will drive your sales and help you become the king of kraft. 

Referring to the graphics of Draught Kraft as beautiful, pleasing or gorgeous would be misleading. The graphics certainly don’t look fantastic, but it should get the job done. Many simulation and tycoon games have had horrible graphics and still blew players away with excellent mechanics and gameplay. Hopefully, the time in Early Access can help Vertnacular build a fantastic game that does justice to the noble pursuit of craft brewing.

Super Mega Baseball 3 – 13 May

Super Mega Baseball 3 Steam Release
[Image: Metalhead Software]

If you have been following our weekly indie game release lists, you will remember that we included Super Mega Baseball in our “Top 5 indie game for April 2020” list. Unfortunately, the game did not release during April but saw a delay to the 13th of May. 

We won’t repeat everything we said about the game, but if you want to read the original post, you can access it here (it did include some other epic indie titles).

Suffice to say that Super Mega Baseball 3 is a fantastic sports game combining satisfying mechanics with cute and quirky visuals. In doing this, players can expect a fun experience with lots of depth for those looking to dive into the different modes the game offers. 

We are looking forward to the release and we are keeping our fingers crossed that another delay is not on the cards.

Not a week of blockbusters but an enjoyable week for indies, nonetheless

As we mentioned, this week is not as heavy as the previous weeks on bigger indie releases but still offers some great-looking games for us to sink our teeth into. Happy gaming.