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Best New Indie Games for May Week 3 2020

Welcome to our best new indie games for May week 3 list. This week is a big week for new indie releases as Neversong is part of the release roster. Neversong is a game by a developer who has given a lot to the indie developer community with his YouTube channel. We will discuss this in more detail when we look at Neversong. This week also includes a generous helping of simulation games with a deck building game and action game sprinkled on top.


Release Date: 20 May 2020

Best new indie games may 2020 Neversong
Image: Serenity Forge

Atmos Games, probably better known by one of its members, Thomas Brush, is releasing their action adventure game Neversong this week. This is a big moment for indie gaming, as Thomas Brush in particular is a prominent voice in the indie development community. He has over 150 videos on his YouTube channel documenting the development of Neversong itself but also helping other indie developers on their own journeys. 

The fact that he has almost 200k subscribers on YouTube is a testament to the value he brings to the indie game development community. The release of Neversong is also important because this game results from someone who publicly walked the walk and talked the talk. This results in immense credibility for the game and its creators as many products and info aimed at indie developers is done outside of the context of indie game development. That should be enough praise for Thomas Brush and his team, on to Neversong itself. 

The game was originally titled “Once Upon A Coma” and later changed to Neversong, but I think both titles reflect the decidedly somber mood of the game. The game centres around Peet, the player character, waking up from a coma and having to find his now missing girlfriend. 

Not the most exciting premise if stated in this way, but this journey is made interesting and creepy with the screams coming from a nearby asylum. We learn that the adults in the asylum are showing increasingly violent behaviour and that Neversong requires that players fight these adults as they move through the game. The mystery of the asylum coupled with the somber atmosphere of the game should make for an engaging gaming experience. Neversong is an adventure game and looks to have an enticing narrative and interesting characters to meet on your journey. 

Neversong is definitely a game that you should keep on your radar as it should provide a memorable gaming experience from one of indie gamings community heroes.


Release date: 21 May 2020 Early Access

Embr Steam
Image: Curve Digital

In the wake of some fantastic party and co-op games like Moving Out, Overcooked and Pummel Party we have another entry on the list in the form of Embr. 

Embr is essentially a firefighting simulator, only it is ridiculous and failing to save people results in having fun. Alone or with up to three other players take on intense rescue missions to save people from a variety of locations all brought together by their mutual characteristic of being on fire.

Embr has a great graphical style, really putting the action at the forefront of the player experience. The water from your canon or hosepipe is satisfying to spray at the different infernos, and danger is evident from the bold use of colour and eye-catching particle effects. 

The game is not just about cleaning up gas leaks and putting out fires you also have to get civilians out of danger. A lot of fun is to be had in escorting them out of the different dangerous scenarios. Through a combination of picking them up and throwing them around, you are supposed to get them to safety. In many cases, though, the result of the above-mentioned actions is disaster or even death for the civilians. 

A hypothetical scenario: the safety trampoline is ready on the ground floor and you are pretty sure your aim is good. You launch the civilian out of the second-story window. You are confident that you have just saved a life, and the mission is on its way to success. Midway through the fall you realize that your aim was indeed good. The target was just not the trampoline. A few seconds later the civilian crashes into a garden fence, ragdolls along the top and eventually drops to the floor. A moment of silence before your three friends on Discord have a laugh at the fail and try the mission again. 

Embr should be a blast, even in Early Access.

Green Project

Release Date: 16 May 2020

Green Project Steam
Image: Zerone Games

From one simulation game to the next, we move from simply fighting fire to saving the world in a post-apocalyptic context. After being forgotten in space for 300 years in your cryogenic pod you crash back to earth only to find a barren wasteland after a fungal-based pandemic wiped out civilization.

It is your task to bring nature back to the barren landscape by becoming the first post-apocalyptic farmer. You can plant crops and raise animals all with the explicit purpose of keeping yourself alive and reinvigorating the earth. Apart from farming, you can explore the ruins of dilapidated cities and scavenge the remains for resources to help your project. 

You are not safe though as the years of disrepair have brought about many new threats such as radiation and other dastardly ways to die. 

We feel that Green Project’s graphical style really fits the atmosphere of the game and slightly reminds me of the world of Ultima Online. We will definitely check the game out and while it is available on mobile, we will play the PC version.

Monster Train

Release Date: May 21 2020

Best new indie games may 2020 Monster Train
Image: Good Shepherd Entertainment

It would take a massive effort for an indie rogue-lite deck builder game to dethrone Slay The Spire as the absolute pinnacle of the genre. We doubt Monster Train will achieve this but the game looks like a worthy entry into the genre bringing some new ideas to the table while paying homage to the others that have inspired it.

You are on a train to Hell and have to fight the forces of good to keep them from extinguishing the hellscape for all eternity. One can choose one of 5 monster clans to play with in your quest to stop the do-gooders and with over 220 other cards the deck building opportunities are virtually endless. 

Monster Train introduces some new mechanics like the multi layer battlefield, which is certain to add satisfaction and challenge to your strategic decisions. You will have to defend three vertical layers from enemy attacks by allocating your monster to each level and playing cards to direct the battle. 

If you like deck-building games be sure to check out Monster Train when it launches on May 21.

Space Haven

Release Date: 21 May 2020 Early Access

Best new indie games may 2020 Space Haven
Image: Bugbyte Ltd.

Our last entry for the best new indie games for May week 3 list is a base building and simulation game set in space. Space Haven is the latest game by Bugbyte Ltd and as fans of the simulation genre we are very excited about its Early Access release. 

In Space Haven you embark on a space voyage to find a new home and the aim of the game is to build your spaceship colony to thrive in pursuit of the unknown. The base building aspect of Space Haven means that you have total control over the look and shape of your spaceship as you can construct it all tile by tile. Seeing the creativity of the players in building their spaceships will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of Space Haven’s community. 

Apart from the excitement of building your very own spaceship, you will also have to manage your colony. By the looks of it, the management and simulation aspect of Space Haven looks very detailed and promises to have a lot of depth. You will have to look after the classic simulation categories such as food, energy, comfort, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Space Haven has a simulated gas system meaning that you will have to balance the different gas levels in your spaceship to maximize oxygen and minimize harmful gasses. The developer states that humans, plants and even facilities react to the conditions surrounding them so this system should provide a good challenge to test your management skills. 

There is even more to Space Haven in the form of missions, combat, aliens, and ship-to-ship combat. Characters have their own inventories and you can equip them with weapons to go on missions or fight alien invaders. It remains to be seen how fleshed out these features are in the Early Access release, but they certainly have massive potential.

All of this awesomeness is topped off with a full galaxy and faction system. Each playthrough is unique as the galaxy is procedurally generated and you will have to manage your relationship with the different factions you encounter. 

Space Haven looks like a game with massive potential and we will definitely be following its development.

Happy gaming

The third week of May looks pretty decent for new indie games releases with Neversong definitely being a big release. There are also more than enough games to satisfy your simulation and base building itch. All in all, it looks like a good week for indie gaming!