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Rogue Company Extraction mode

How long does an extraction match last in Rogue Company?

Have you ever had those gaming sessions where you don’t have lots of time and cannot really commit to a 30 minute match? Well, that is exactly why the extraction mode is perfect. On average, you can bank on about 10-15 minutes for a match. The flip side of this is your friends will always so “come on, only one more” and as we all know there is always time for one more.

Why we love the extraction mode in Rogue Company

We have spent most of our online session with Valorant in 2020, and coming to Rogue Company, you can definitely feel it’s less stressful and to some extent more forgiving. The extraction mode is a great balance between competitive and casual play. Usually when you play a competitive match, one team will start on the attack and the other will defend. With the extraction mode, attack and defense alternates every round and the first team to get 5 victories wins. This takes away that stress of going into a defensive mindset and even picking specific rogues for defensive play. You do not have to worry about who is the bomb carrier and where it drops when they die either, you can just activate the point and play from there. 

Winning conditions for extraction mode in rogue company

Extraction mode has two winning conditions. The first winning condition is when your team eliminates the entire enemy team, and when the enemy team has not hacked the bomb. If your team did in fact eliminate the entire enemy but they planted, make sure there is enough time left to defuse the bomb. The second winning condition is by hacking the bomb and defending it until the timer runs out and it explodes. 

Is the Extraction mode permanent in Rogue Company

While there have been many debates and questions about whether extraction mode will remain in the game permanently, we can say that we have been enjoying it for the last 2 weeks and it has gone nowhere. Extraction mode was introduced as a limited time only mode to be a good mix between strike out and demolition mode. While the game’s core mode remains demolition, players really seem to enjoy the extraction mode. Rogue Company’s official Twitter ran a poll asking whether extraction mode should be permanent. Here is the final result:

Rogue Company extraction

Useful tips for being victorious in Rogue Company

Watch out for that flank

Every match starts with two teams dropping from a plane, leaving a visible trail of smoke in their wake. Look at the enemy’s smoke as they drop from their ship, because you can spot the obvious flanker that immediately strays from his team’s main pushing line. When you spot a flanker, be sure to ask one of your friends to check the flank or just do it yourself.

Revive your teammates! 

Reviving your teammates should be one of your top focus points, not only because it makes the odds of winning higher, but because it gives you a bonus cash payout at the end of the round. More money means you can get to a max leveled weapon quicker than your opponent, giving you the upper hand in a firefight. 

Get used to the shoulder switching mechanic as soon as possible

When peeking around the corner you don’t want to expose your whole character so the enemy can destroy you in seconds, rather press “E” to switch shoulders. This way you can protect your body while peeking around an object or corner.

We hope this quick introduction to the extraction mode in Rogue company helps you understand the mode better and rake in some victories!