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Spacebase Startopia Beginner’s guide

Spacebase Startopia is a witty universe where you have to deal with space garbage, satisfy the needs of lots of different alien life forms and even fight off giant maggots onboard your spacebase. With so many micro actions required to successfully manage your spacebase, we are going to cover lots of things that we have learnt throughout our journey so far in our beginner’s guide. This might feel like a Spacebase Startopia wiki, but this Spacebase Startopia beginner’s guide really contains the best tips to both get you through parts of the campaign and even help you get settled in the free mode.

Spacebase Startopia beginners guide

How to hire units/aliens in Spacebase Startopia 

You might wonder why you need to hire units in Spacebase Startopia. Well every building that produces something to further your space base requires a certain amount of units to work there. The different units you get are:

1. Fuzzy

These are the robots that operate on your spacebase. They build, repair, clean and well do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

2. Telgor

These units work at Recycling stations.

3. Bugrathorians

These bugs are good at communication, and therefore a great fit to work at your Communication Center

4. Dryads

These aliens love nature and help it grow, Dryads will spend most of their time on your Bio Deck where they will grow and harvest plants for your spacebase.

5. Gresulurians

These aliens have big heads which might allude to having big brains? Anyway, Gresulurians work in your Medical Stations.

6. Eu’reker

Eureka! Another smart word play on these aliens. The Eu’rekers work in Research Labs.

7. Leviathans

Dolphins that can walk, interesting. Leviathans look bigger and tougher than the other aliens and therefore make great security officers working at Security Stations.

8. Celebramer

These aliens have four arms. Imagine a smaller cuter version of Goro from Mortal Kombat. The Celebramers work on the Fun Deck at Space Disco’s.

How to use C.R.A.T.E.S in Spacebase Startopia

When you start a mission, be sure to check your hull as the mission often starts with C.R.A.T.E.S to get you on your feet quicker. A C.R.A.T.E is like a sort of blueprint that has already been paid for that you can simply place and start using right away. When you demolish a building because you lack space or you no longer need it, it will also take on the form of a C.R.A.T.E which you can later place without paying the building costs again.

How to activate a C.R.A.T.E

  • Select the C.R.A.T.E it from your HUD
  • Place it on the floor
  • Right Click on the box on the floor
  • Click on “Unpack” button
  • Place the blueprint
Spacebase Startopia beginner's guide C.R.A.T.E

How to use Recycling Station

The first mission of the game requires you to keep your Sub Deck clean from litter. You have to construct a Recycling Station, and some Garbage Bots. Luckily the Garbage Bots clean automatically but you can manually try to lessen the load from your robots by left clicking on the trash on the floor, to pick it up. Once you have collected enough garbage, click on the garbage in your HUD and click on the Recycling Station’s entrance to get rid of it. It is important to place enough Garbage Bots throughout your base. On the Sub Deck you can get the Garbage Bots by opening the construction menu, selecting the objects tab and selecting the Garbage Bot. The same applies to the Fun Deck.

How to reset and change camera angles in Spacebase Startopia

Part of the Spacebase Startopia beginne’rs guide is to get familiar with the camera controls in Spacebase Startopia because you sometimes have to scoop up maliciously placed garbage bombs from behind your buildings. The camera controls for Spacebase Startopia are:

  1. Press X to reset the camera to its default position.
  2. When you hold the middle mouse button, you enter a free camera mode, enabling you to see things from every angle.
  3. When you press and hold left Control, you also enter a free camera mode, enabling you to see things from every angle.
  4. Zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel.

While these might seem obvious, at this stage there are no key bindings available from Spacebase Startopia’s main menu. We can almost guarantee that the one you will use the most is resetting the camera. 

How harvesting and growing works in Spacebase Startopia

When accessing your Bio Deck and you have already hired as many Dryads as possible, you can decide which resource you want to grow and eventually harvest. Give the Dryads a couple of minutes until they occupy large pods called Bio Stations, which you can interact with to set the biomes. 

This is how you can choose which plants you want to grow depending on which resources you are looking for in Spacebase Startopia:

  1. Right click on a Bio Station.
  2. Click on Automatic Harvesting.
  3. You will now be presented with 9 different biomes, each providing a different type of resource.
  4. Choose the biome you need. In this example we want Medicines so we will choose the Rain Forest biome.
  5. Now you can colour in the area around the Bio Station. This enables plants to grow that we harvested, and will produce medicine.
  6. Once a plant has fully grown, you can manually harvest it if time is of the essence, or your Dryads will do that automatically, leaving a box of Medicine behind for your Fuzzies to come pick up and take to your cargo.

Here is a list of all the biomes in Spacebase Startopia along with the resources they provide:

  • Polar Biome supplies Fibers
  • Tundra/Taiga Biome supplies Oxygen
  • Moon Biome supplies Minerals
  • Swamp Biome supplies Medicines
  • Forest/Meadow Biome supplies Fibers
  • Radioactive Biome supplies Minerals
  • Rainforest Biome supplies Medicines
  • Savannah Biome supplies Food
  • Lava Biome supplies Food
Starbase Startopia beginner's guide Bio Deck

How to improve your current buildings with research?

This is one thing we kind of struggled with to understand how it works, making it a perfect candidate for a Spacebase Startopia beginner guide item. We wanted to upgrade our Garbage Bots to increase their efficiency. On the campaign mission, “The First Contact”, you have to upgrade some of your buildings with research before you can progress in the campaign. However, there is no clear indication on exactly how to do research in Spacebase Startopia. Luckily we figured it out. You can upgrade buildings with research by doing the following:

  1. Unlock the “Upscale Tourists” Tier on your research list.
  2. Unlock the actual Research Lab, this requires 500 Prestige to unlock.
  3. Once the Research Lab has been unlocked, place the building on your spacebase.
  4. Hire a minimum of 4 Eu’rekers.
  5. Deconstruct a building that you want to upgrade. When you deconstruct a building, it will spawn into a C.R.A.T.E. Our advice is if you only have one of that specific type of building, rather build another one and then deconstruct the duplicate to avoid production halt.
  6. Place the C.R.A.T.E of the deconstructed building into the Research Lab.
  7. Once the C.R.A.T.E have been placed and your Eu’rekers get to work, they will research the upgrade of the blueprint you placed.
  8. Once the research has been done, it will upgrade all the Garbage Bots to the next level across our spacebase.

How to get more prestige in Spacebase Startopia

A lot of your upgrades to buildings and advanced tiers are purchased with Prestige. You only obtain Prestige if the visitors have a great time when visiting your spacebase. Aliens will only give you a good rating if you maintain their needs. Here is a list of all the needs you will need to satisfy:

  • Sleep
  • Drink
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Clean Atmosphere
  • Conversation
  • Food
  • Hygiene
  • Promotion
  • Familiar Flora
  • Medical Treatment

Luckily, not every alien needs all of them. Sometimes certain visitors are only looking to gamble and have a good time, and they will spend most of their energy on your Fun Deck. The easiest way to maintain a good amount of Prestige income is by always maintaining clean floors by having enough Garbage Bots, Recycling stations and clean oxygen. It is crucial to have a large Berth to keep them fed, well-rested, and clean. Prestige will slowly seep in as you build more things that satisfy the needs of the aliens onboard your spacebase.

How to build a mech in Spacebase Startopia

There are a lot of things that will lead up to building an actual mech to help protect your station. You will need a lot of Prestige to research the more advanced buildings tiers until you can build a Security Station. Once you have built the Security Station, you need 2x Circuit boards and 2x Plastic to build a mech. 

How do you create a circuit board and plastic in Spacebase Startopia?

You will need to build a factory and craft circuit boards and plastic by having the following materials:

  • 1 Plastic requires x 2 Fibers
  • 1 Circuit board requires x Minerals

Once you have the resources, pick them up and drop them off at the Security Station to construct your own personal mech.

Spacebase Startopia beginners guide mech

How to expand your building space during the campaign?

Do you find yourself in a situation where you ran out of space and have to sacrifice clean air for a recharge station? Well, space is no longer an issue when you click on the big vault-like doors at the sides of your floor, more space will become available. They call these Bulkheads and it will cost you 5,000 energy to double the amount of space you have to build new buildings! Keep in mind that when you open these doors, space pirates and other unwanted life forms will roam the empty space, we recommend that you have already built a Security Station to deal with this.

We hope this Spacebase Startopia beginner’s guide will help you succeed in your exciting journey through space!