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Spelunky 2 enemy guide

Spelunky 2 is not for the faint-hearted or those easily angered. It is a hardcore rogue-lite game that has no mercy on any player. During your cave diving escapades, you will encounter many types of enemies that each have an angle to them. Yes, we have been killed by all of them, so we know what they’re about. This Spelunky 2 enemy guide shows you what enemies you can expect when playing the first level of Spelunky 2 and how to defeat them.

Combat in Spelunky 2

There are many ways to take down enemies in Spelunk 2. Here is a list of ways you can kill enemies:

  1. Kill them with your basic attack (your whip)
  2. Kill them by throwing them with an object like a rock, arrow or corpse of another enemy that met his fate
  3. Jump on their heads, Mario-style
  4. Bait and switch them into their own demise. Certain enemies will charge you, stand close to a cliff, or spiky floor and once they are about to collide with, jump to dodge them and see them go down.

Spelunky 2 early game enemy list


Snakes do not pose an immediate threat, and they have a predictable patrol path. We would suggest that whenever you can, jump on them because trying to time your whip might cause you getting hurt just because they strike quicker than you think.


Spiders can be found sitting on the roof and when you walk underneath them, they will drop in a straight line. If they land on you, they will damage you. They have a jump movement which is predictable, so there is no need to be afraid of them. There are two ways to lay waste to these beasts:

  1. When you get the chance of catching them in their dormant roof-hanging state, whip them.
  2. If they are already on the ground and jumping around, time their jump and as soon as they land, jump on them.
Spelunky 2 enemy guide - Spider


We cannot tell you how many times bats ruined what we thought was a perfect run. Once you enter their proximity, they will fly your way. What makes them so tricky is that they attack you from above and your attack is meant to hit enemies in front of you rather than above you. Our best tip to deal with bats in Spelunky 2 would be to retreat until they reach the same horizontal line as your character. Once they are on your level, the only thing left is to time your strike.

Spelunky 2 enemy guide - bat


These cavemen can be deceiving in Spelunky 2, although they might look friendly, we can promise you they are not. You will find these guys either patrolling or sleeping on the job. They are much tougher than the enemies we mentioned earlier, 1 hit will stun them and you cannot whip-spam them to death when you knock them out either. Wait until they wake up and knock them out 2 more times before they die. When you get too close to them, they will start a whirlwind punch attack that will send you flying. If you have to knock them out, jump on their heads, once you have knocked them out, pick them up and throw them into harm’s way.

Spelunky 2 enemy guide - Caveman


Skeletons are the easiest enemies to defeat in our Spelunky 2 enemy guide for the first level. The only trick with them is that most levels are littered with skulls, so you never know when one of those skulls has some fight left in them. Once you are aware of them, they are super easy to defeat; they are slow and have nothing special to them.

Spelunky 2 enemy guide - Skeleton

Horned Lizard

These lizards have caused us many rage fits. They patrol in a straight line until they see you. Once you have been spotted, they will immediately start spinning and when they hit, it causes a massive knock back effect that might send you flying into more danger or into a spike. We usually try to avoid these yellow beasts. If you have to attack them, jump on their heads, it won’t kill them, it will briefly stun them, granting you safe passage.

Spelunky 2 enemy guide - Horned Lizard

Cave Mole

These moles are one of the more agile enemies you will face in Spelunky 2. You know a mole is nearby when you see dust particles in the walls. They are unpredictable and can jump out at any time, bulldozing you similar to the Horned Lizard. We really try to avoid these when we have a good run, it is just not worth trying to kill them because they are so damn slippery.

Spelunky 2 enemy guide - Cave Mole


Cobras are not commonly found wandering around in the first levels of Spelunky 2, you will find them in pots. So the next time you carelessly break pots with hopes of loot, keep in mind there might be a cobra waiting for you. Cobra’s take two shots from your whip before they die and even if you decide to run, they will spit acid at you.



Scorpions in Spelunky 2 have a similar habitat to the cobra, they live in pots. You can either whip-spam them to death as soon as they appear or run like hell.



We will end the Spelunky 2 enemy guide with the ghost. While you are busy destroying every pot in sight, pay close attention to the appearance of the pots. There is one pot on each level with a spooky appearance, and once you break the pot to scoop up the 5000 gold diamond, you better hope you are close to an exit. When you break the pot a massive ghost will spawn not bound by the map so he can move freely through any obstacle. If he eventually catches up with you, he will end your run with one shot. If you see such a pot, it is a good idea to have a plan before breaking it.


Spelunky 2 enemy guide conclusion

That concludes it for our Spelunky 2 enemy guide, we hope this guide helps you navigate these dangerous caves, inhabited by devious creatures.