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Spiritfarer Guide – Answering 10 Of The Most Popular “How To” Questions

A large part of your Spiritfarer experience will include you tending to the wants and needs of your passengers. On top of this, you are trying to navigate an unknown world with mysterious barriers blocking your progress until you have a better boat. To be successful in your task as the new Spiritfarer, you will need a lot of resources to build, upgrade, and add things to your boat and for your passengers. This frequently left us asking “how do I get [insert item] that I need to complete this task? The answers are not always straightforward and therefore we offer you this article where we answer your 10 most asked “how to” questions for Spiritfarer.

1. How to get fat in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: Crush sunflower seeds or olives in the crusher.

Cooking is a big part of your duties as the Spiritfarer, and the spirits all have different preferences when it comes to eating. Sometimes, you need to provide a certain spirit with a specific meal to progress their story. Atul, as well as Bruce and Mickey, want some Fried Chicken which requires you to cook chicken with some fat. Getting fat in Spiritfarer is not as easy as it sounds, and it is quite a late-game unlock. To get fat in Spiritfarer, you need to have a Crusher and then crush ingredients like sunflower seeds and olives to produce oil, which is a source of fat. You are probably asking, how do I get a Crusher? Soon after Bruce and Mickey join your ship as passengers, they will tell you that you need a Crusher and will provide the blueprint. Gather the resources required to build the Crusher and you will have access to all the fat you need.

2. How to get Ash wood in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: Visit Oxbury or other towns in the Eastern region and chop down the Ash trees.

Getting Ash trees and logs in Spiritfarer is part of the natural progression of the game. You will find Ash trees in the region to the East of the map. To reach this region you will need to have the fourth figurehead upgrade, the Rock Destroyer. If you have this upgrade installed sail to either Oxbury or one of the other islands in this region. If you went to Oxbury, get out of your boat and enter the park, inside you will find a lot of Ash trees to chop down!

3. How to get Bottled Ectoplasm in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: With Stanley as a passenger, enter his room and interact with the beetle in the tank.

Getting Bottled Ectoplasm in Spiritfarer is one of the more complex and difficult to get resources. It requires a chain of events to gain access to this resource. First, you will need Stanley as a passenger. He is not one of the spirits that you would normally recruit on an island, you grow him in your garden. To grow Stanley in your garden, you will need a red bag of mystery seeds. You can get these from fishing in the Eastern region (beyond the rock barrier) or by looting the crates from wreckages in these regions. Once you have the bag of seed, plant it in your garden and tend to it until a red mushroom is ready to be harvested. Pull it out of the ground and Stanley is born! Once Stanley is a passenger, you can tend to his needs and eventually enter his room. Interact with the beetle in the tank in his room to start an event where you have to catch ghosts on your ship and bottle their essence.

Spiritfarer how to get bottled ectoplasm

4. How to get Comet Rocks in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: Sail to the comet icon in the Eastern region with Giovanni as a passenger.

Once Giovanni, a charming lion spirit, joins you as a passenger, you can travel to comet locations on the map. These are in the Eastern region of the map and once you enter the area, you can interact with Giovanni to start the event. Comets will crash into your ship and leave behind a spot that looks like fireworks. Just run over these spots to collect the Comet Rocks and some welcome Glim. Getting Comet Rocks in Spiritfarer is like many other mini-games such as catching lightning, so it shouldn’t be an issue to gather them.

Spiritfarer how to get Comet Rocks

5. How to get Fireglow in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: With Gustav as a passenger, sail to the firefly spots on the map in the Northern area.

Fireglow is gathered by sailing to the correct spot on the map, with Gustav as a passenger. Once you enter the area, you can interact with Gustav and start the event. Similar to catching Jellyfish, you will have to bump into the fireflies to catch them. If you succeed, you will get Fireglow seeds which you need to plant in your garden and harvest to be able to use it for your upgrades and buildings. 

Spiritfarer how to get fireglow

6. How to get Nebula Fibre in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: With Alice as a passenger, sail to larvae spots on the map in the Western area.

The first step is to get Alice as a passenger on your ship. Once she joins you head to the larvae icons on the map. When you enter these areas, you will find Alice in the middle of your deck with a mother-larvae. Speak to her to start the event. You need to catch the little bugs that scatter across your ship and bring them back to mother in the middle. The more you bring back, the more fibre you get. You can take the Nebula Fibre to the Loom and create Nebula Thread from it.

Spiritfarer how to get nebula fibre

7. How to get a Spirit Flower in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: Take a spirit to the Everdoor.

Spirit Flowers are unique and valuable resources in Spiritfarer. Once you accompany a spirit on their journey through the afterlife and eventually bring them to the Everdoor so they can move on, you will receive a Spirit Flower. To gather a Spirit Flower, you need to head back to your boat and go to the house of the spirit you released. Inside their house, you will find a plant growing and you can harvest a single Spirit Flower from it. These are valuable resources and you need them to progress to the end of the game. 

Spiritfarer how to get spirit flower

8. How to get Tchotchke in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: Tchotchke in Spiritfarer are any items from the corresponding category in your inventory.

The hunt for a Tchotchke may send you around the Spiritfarer world in search for this elusive item. It is actually not nearly as complex and if you look carefully, you will see that one tab in your inventory is titled ‘Tchotchke’. This is especially important for Stanley as he wants a Tchotchke to upgrade his room. Simply give him any item from this category and his need for a Tchotchke will be satisfied.

Spiritfarer how to get tchotchke

9. How to get Silk in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: Harvest Silk from the tree that grows from a Mulberry seed.

Another frequently asked “how to” question with a relatively straightforward answer. Simply buy or loot a Mulberry seed, go to your Orchard, plant the seed, water the plant, profit. It’s as simple as that, Silk grows on a Mulberry tree and you can harvest a few when it’s ready. Just a tip, plant a few of these to eliminate the need to wait for Silk. 

10. How to get Silica Powder in Spiritfarer?

Short answer: Crush Quartz with the Crusher.

This resource is quite misleading. You gain access to Quartz early in the game when you harvest the first dragon. From there on you don’t actually use Quartz for much until you need Silica Powder, that is. To get Silica Powder in Spiritfarer, you need to crush Quartz at the Crusher. Doing this will result in Silica Powder popping out of the machine. A little obscure, but now you know!

There are certainly more “how to” questions regarding Spiritfarer, but hopefully, we helped answer the most frustrating ones. Spiritfarer is a fantastic game and grinding aimlessly because of blocked progress takes away from the emotional and captivating narrative. If you haven’t encountered these issues yet, our Spiritfarer beginner’s guide may be what you need to set sail!