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TFT Galaxies – 5 tips for new players

Battle Royale, Chess Royale, Auto-chess call them what you want but they are here to stay. The Royale genre has seen rapid growth during the last two years including hardcore games such as Escape From Tarkov, strategic games such as Dota Underlords and casual games such as Might and Magic: Chess Royale. Today we are narrowing it down to the Auto-chess or Chess Royale sub-genres. Team Fight Tactics (TFT) is arguably the best of the bunch and Riot’s offering strikes a perfect balance between depth, ease of play and time to play. They also update the game regularly, keeping content fresh and therefore offering players with fresh opportunities for strategies, builds and combos. In this TFT 5 tips for new players guide, we aim to help both new and returning players get ahead of the curve.

TFT tips Start
Starting out can feel overwhelming but don’t worry too much! [Image: Riot Games]

1. Don’t commit to a strategy before the round starts

This is perhaps one of the most common flaws in strategies of new players. It looks something like this: You look up an updated tier list for the current TFT patch and check out the top five builds in the current meta. From these five strong builds you choose one or two depending on your playstyle. To ensure you have a good idea of how the builds work, you take note of the carry units and what items are recommended for them. Armed with this vast knowledge you head into a game of TFT waiting for the perfect picks to build your S-tier army that will obliterate the enemy forces.

Now for anyone that understands or tries to understand RNG, this will probably not be the story you tell after your round. Because of the random nature of champion and item selection, having a predetermined strategy will only work in rare cases. For a more consistent experience rather than an insane round every now and again embrace the flexible nature of the game. This brings us to our second tip.

2. Play reactively

What we mean when we say you should try to play reactively, is that you should react to what the game gives you instead of trying to force something that clearly isn’t there. Rounds where I have a predetermined strategy usually ends up with me having two or three random synergies and items on heroes that won’t use them optimally.

Fail Build
Predetermined build busy failing. [Image: Riot Games]

The first few rounds may feel hectic, but the game is very easy to get used to. After a few rounds you will feel much less overwhelmed and start to see the patterns and opportunities the game gives you. There is enough time between rounds to have a look at your champions and buy or sell other ones. Use the start of each round to take a careful look at the available champions and see which ones you can combo together to create a powerful team.

Here is a cheat sheet which you can use to help you see the different units and which synergies they form part of. These types of cheat sheets are valuable as you react to what the game gives you and plan your team from there. If I had a TFT tips for new players list that helped me understand that I should consider playing reactively I would have won way more games than I did when I started out.

3. Gold is a tool, so use it

Much of the depth of TFT resides in the way you use your gold. Gold can be used to buy new champions, upgrade your board capacity, or stored to increase your passive income per round. These three uses for your gold all have a role to play during a round, and you should spend it in reaction to what is happening in your match.

If everyone in your match is playing aggressively and re-rolling to quickly upgrade their champions, you will probably fall behind quickly as your champions will be weaker than theirs. Here you will have to make a choice; do you match their plays and also upgrade your units with aggressive re-rolling or do you build a passive income to dominate the late game with eight champions on the board? These are the choices you will have to make to end the game as the victor.

While it’s nice to have gold in your treasury, it’s not as nice when you lose the game with 50 gold unspent.

4. Experiment with different champions

Number 4 in our TFT tips for new players is one that is guaranteed to help you have a richer and more satisfying experience in TFT. When I started out with TFT, I fixated on the champions I had excellent matches with. Back then Yordles were a thing, and I really enjoyed playing with them. The problem was that I hardly ever chose other heroes. This meant that I had horrible early games most of the time, causing me to drop out before I could pose a challenge.

Some champions are powerful regardless of their synergy, and it’s beneficial to know who they are. So take a chance and use some rounds to pick some champions you haven’t played before. Getting one of these champions to level two early during the round can take some pressure off you and allow you time to build a powerful team on the bench. Once you notice that they are underperforming, you can sell them and start fielding your bench.

With TFT Galaxies or Set 3, Ahri is looking like one of those staple champions that can win you a few early rounds.

5. Don’t fixate on a single synergy

As you hover over some synergies, the six or more bonuses may look delicious. I wouldn’t quite say that the cake is a lie, but the chances of you successfully building that synergy is relatively slim as you can’t predict what you will get.

In the spirit of tip number two, rather play reactively and see what you get during the first few rounds. After this you can put together a plan for two or three synergies based on your picks. Once you have a good baseline established, you can look to maximize some of your synergies.

TFT tips RNG
Sometimes the RNG gods are merciful but don’t count on it. [Image: Riot Games]

If the gods of RNG are merciful, you may actually have the chance to build a golden synergy. While it feels good to have a golden synergy, I have won many games by having a lone silver synergy and a few bronze ones. Don’t be deceived by the lure of the golden icon, that alone will not guarantee you a victory.

Armed with our TFT tips, get to the carousel!

With these five TFT tips for new players, you should have a good chance to at least not finish eight in every match. With enough practice you will start seeing top three finishes and before you know it, you will have your first win! If you have some other tips you want to share with us and other TFT players, feel free to post them in the comments below.