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The Survivalists Blueprint Guide

Unlocking blueprints in The Survivalists is a central aspect of how the game progresses. The more blueprints you unlock, the more cool stuff you can build in your base, each a little better than the previous one. In this blueprint guide for The Survivalists, we will cover all the aspects you need to know to unlock all your favourite blueprints and start building an epic base for you and your monkeys.

How to unlock blueprints in The Survivalists

First things first, for you to build all the buildings you want for your base, you need access to their blueprints. In The Survivalists you start out with access to only the basic blueprints and you have to unlock the rest as you progress through the game. 

You unlock new blueprints by constructing ones you already know. If you access the different building menus, you will see white lines between the blueprints. These lines show you which spots will be unlocked if you build the selected blueprint. It is as simple as that, build things to build other new things. 

You can only see the blueprints you have already unlocked, but don’t worry, in the next section of this guide we will provide screenshots that show all the blueprints unlocked as we discuss each build menu.

Craft menu blueprints

Now that you know how to unlock blueprints in The Survivalists, the first ones you have access to, are those in your craft menu. These are blueprints that allow you to craft the basic elements of your base and other objects in your base. It also allows you to craft basic weapons and tools. You will use these blueprints a lot when you start out with the game, so note the ones you want to use.

The craft menu contains only a small amount of blueprints, but they are important to your progress. If we can give you a hint, always keep some long grass and rope around, they are part of many of your other blueprints.

The Survivalists Craft Blueprints

Blueprints menu

The second menu you have access to is the central blueprints menu. This menu has some very important blueprints that you will use to construct the basic elements of your base. Some important blueprints in this menu include:

  • Beds and other furniture
  • Wall, doors, floors, and windows
  • Defenses
  • Crafting bench and forge
  • Storage and transport

You can have a look at the screenshot below to see where everything is located in the blueprint unlock tree and plan your construction. When building your base, we would suggest that you go for either wooden or stone walls, as iron walls take a lot of resources and aren’t that much stronger. 

The Survivalists Blueprints

Crafting table blueprints

The crafting table is the place you go to find blueprints for your weapons and tools. It is really worth it to unlock the blue-level blueprints for your weapons and tools as they last much longer, especially in the hands of your monkeys. You also find blueprints for the bits and bobs you need to build other items such as planks.

You will notice that the crafting bench extends your base craft menu, so unlock all your basic blueprints to use your crafting bench to its full potential. The crafting bench also provides access to a lot of decorations for your base, if you want to make things look a bit better at home.

The Survivalists Crafting Bench Blueprints

Forge blueprints

The forge is where you will find blueprints for everything that involves metal or gems. Here you gain access to the blueprints you need to build the materials for doors and walls. You also unlock more upgrades for your weapons and tools, which are important for your efficiency. At the ends of the blueprint unlocks, you also find some interesting decorative items for your base.

The Survivalists Forge Blueprints

Cooking blueprints

The last set of blueprints (recipes) are those you find at your campfire. Here you can access a variety of different foods to cook. On the left side of the blueprint tree, you find the meat dishes and on the right side you find the fruit (and fish) dishes. 

A very important blueprint to unlock here is the one for the Monkey Bowls. While exploring, you will occasionally see a monkey with an icon of a bowl filled with fruit above its head. This means it wants a Monkey Bowl and then it will become one of your followers. Simply craft one and give it to the monkey, and you have a new follower in your monkey army. Additionally you can build a cooking pot which unlocks even more cooking blueprints. The cooking pot also grants you access to clean water which allows you to traverse areas with high temperatures.

Time to build!

In this guide for unlocking blueprints in The Survivalists, we have covered all the possible blueprints available in the current iteration of the game. After reading through this guide, you should be able to do some decent planning for your survival base. We also gave you the answer for how you unlock blueprints in The Survivalists, so now you just need to build your dream base.