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The Tenants: how to access room information and get a high decor score

During the initial stages of your career in property management, you will need to do a lot of renovation jobs to build up some cash. In The Tenants, this is simply the way to the top. You also unlock more options for your career if you achieve higher ratings for your renovations. In this guide we will show you how you can access the room information tab in The Tenants and get a higher decor score for your renovations.

Most of the rating categories are self explanatory, such as preferred furniture, floors, and walls. With each job in The Tenants, you receive this information beforehand and you simply have to do these items to receive a high rating. Decor score in The Tenants is more complex. Each type of room, for each type of client, has some very specific things you can add that will boost the decor score.

The first step in knowing what these items are, is to access the room information tab in The Tenants. To do this, click on the finalize tab in your renovation options.

The Tenants how to get room details
To access room details and room decor score click on the house icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen

This will offer you a different view of the property where you can inspect each room individually and see its decor score. To improve the decor score for a room in The Tenants, simply click on the room and a panel will pop-up with information to help you see which things and items you can add to get the score higher.

The Tenants how to get high decor score
Here you can see everything you need to improve room decor score in The Tenants

Items fall into the following categories:

  • High – these items will have a high impact on your room decor score and if you have enough budget left, you should focus on adding these to the room. 
  • Medium – these items awards a slightly lower room decor score, but this category also has the most options. If you are tight on budget, you can mix and match items from this category to spruce up the room.
  • Low – these items are worth the least when it comes to room decor score, so try to avoid them if you can. Your money is better spent elsewhere than here. 

There are a few other things to keep in mind that have an influence on whether the reviewer likes what you have done with the place.

Don’t be afraid to spend it all

For each renovation project in The Tenants, you receive a budget from the client. As far as I have seen there is no bonus for not spending it all, so go ahead and spend it! This is also important to take note of for the high, medium, and low item categories. It is best if you can choose an item from the high category that is also expensive and therefore of higher quality. Sometimes you will have to make a small budget work, but for most of the projects you can spend a lot on some premium items. Reviewers and your room decor score will thank you.

Check the room information tab before decorating

Each project has some unique items on the wishlist that really add to the room decor score. It is important to see what these items are and how many of them you can place. In The Tenants, it won’t work to simply place 5 expensive toasters in a kitchen to boost the room decor score. In most cases, you can only place 1, so buying more just wastes your budget. 

Finishing guidelines and room decor score

Each project also has finishing guidelines that help you prioritise where you spend money and how you decorate while renovating. With one of my projects, I had a client who was focused on floors and first impressions and said he didn’t mind the decor. Be careful to just ignore decor in this case (as I did). Having nice decor and a decent room decor score will help with first impressions. Buying all the cheap furniture and decor will influence your first impressions, so think carefully before trying to save or rush the renovation. 

Good luck with your decorations

We hope this guide to access room information and improve decor score in The Tenants helped you understand how these mechanics work in the game. We are having a blast in our property careers and once you start buying your own rental properties, the game really opens up. The game is still just in Early Access, but it looks really promising even at this early stage.