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Top 10 beginners tips for Carrion

Carrion is a 2D-horror side scrolling adventure. In Carrion the roles have changed, you play as a lethal biomass on a mission to infect an entire facility and destroy everyone and everything that comes in your way. This guide gives you 10 tips to make sure you have a smooth ride while playing Carrion.

1. How do I get new abilities in Carrion?

You start out as a small creature and you need to feast on humans to gain mass. You have no special abilities yet, and you can only kill enemies with your normal attacks. Do not worry though, as you naturally progress through the levels, you will encounter bio-tech pods containing new abilities for your creature. You’ll need to break these pods and once you break them, squeeze yourself into the container to absorb new DNA. One example is where you get the ability to turn into a bunch of worms when you are in water to fit through certain areas. Like we said, your creature naturally evolves as you progress through the game.

How do I get new abilities in Carrion?
Absorbing new DNA that turns you into a bunch of worms [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

2. Where is your health in Carrion?

Near the top in the middle of your screen you will see a couple of shield-like icons, these icons represent your health. It is also important to note that the more health you lose, the more your creature’s size decreases. Some of your abilities depend on having a bigger or smaller biomass to solve certain puzzles.

Where is your health in Carrion?
Check your health in Carrion [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

3. How to kill soldiers in Carrion?

Carrion has different enemies that you will face throughout the game. One of the most common and more challenging types of enemies you’ll face are soldiers. Soldiers also have different variations; flamethrower wielding and machine gun wielding soldiers. One thing all soldiers have in common is their spiked shields. You cannot grab soldiers when their shields are up. What we have seen working well is that you grab a piece of metal from the environment, either a door or a vent. Hurl that towards the soldiers to knock them out, disabling their shields. They will get up after a short while, so be sure to finish the job before they get back up!

How to kill soldiers in Carrion?
Kill the soldiers before they destroy you! [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

4. How do you kill a Mech in Carrion?

Mechs are vicious enemies and will destroy you in mere seconds if you get caught in their storm of bullets. This begs the question, well how do you defeat them if one burst of bullets can kill you? When you face your first mech, you’ll have a brute force charge-like ability, this ability requires you to have 6 or more health bars . Use the level to your advantage to get the drop on the mech. Get below the mech by entering the gutters. Once he is above you, charge out and immediately flee to make your way back to the gutters. Rinse and repeat this four times. On the fourth force attack you will destroy the mech and feast on the driver. If you take damage during the fight and drop below 5 health, you must head back to your nearest checkpoint to regain your mass.

How do you kill a Mech in Carrion?
Yes, you have to fight a Mech in Carrion [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

5. How do you heal in Carrion

You will receive damage when you get shot by soldiers, civilians with pistols, sentry guns or even Mechs. After any fight where you got hit, you want to heal and regain your biomass. You can heal by devouring the fallen human enemies. Once you have killed an enemy, you can grab him and drag him towards you. When you drag the enemy close enough to you, you will see your creature’s mouth appear, showing your massive teeth that will rip their limbs apart. There is something that caught us off guard, though. You cannot devour a fallen soldier because of their armor. If you are desperate to get your health back, you can always head back to your nearest checkpoint to heal up and regain your biomass.

How do you heal in Carrion
Make sure to heal up before battle [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

6. How to deal with fire attacks in Carrion

The flamethrower soldiers will rain down scorched earth on you as soon as they see you and let’s just say you are flammable. As you burn your health will rapidly drop until the only thing left is your ashes. The flames do not extinguish themselves and you will need to find some water where you can cool down to resume the fight. You can use tip #3 to take care of the flamethrower soldiers.

How to deal with fire attacks in Carrion
Stop drop and roll! [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

7. How do you progress in Carrion?

Every level needs to reach 100% seals breached and Biomass samples lost. Once this is the case the containment unit opens, granting you access to the next part of the map. In Carrion you can go back and forth between levels so you might run around aimlessly in a level where you already reached 100% on both objectives. You can see if you completed a level by viewing the stat board before each level’s entrance. This example shows that we completed the Military Junkyard level 100% and there is nothing left to do.

How do you progress in Carrion?
Military Junkyard, check [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

8. What do those green lasers do?

As you progress through Carrion, you will notice green lasers that block off sections. At first I thought these lasers would harm me when I pass through them. Turns out I was wrong. These lasers trigger a door lockdown when you pass through them. The scenario would be you just pulled a lever to open a door at a certain location, as you make your way to the open door, you might find a green laser in front of the door. When you pass through the laser, the door will close and you must go back and pull the lever again. There is only one way to bypass the laser, and that is by using your invisibility ability that you unlock during the game.

8. What do those green lasers do?
Damn these lasers [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

9. How to charge up energy in Carrion?

Throughout the map you will find electrical boxes that will charge you up when you interact with them. At first I did not know what the charge does or what it is for. When you have unlocked abilities that require power to use, these electrical boxes become useful. Charge yourself up by tapping into the power to use your abilities that require power. The invisibility we mentioned in tip #7 is a great example of an ability that requires power.

How to charge up energy in Carrion?
Zap! [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

10. How to solve puzzles that require different biomass sizes

In Carrion every new size your biomass reaches, means you unlock certain abilities. Your smallest size will enable you to use invisibility to sneak past enemies or even use a claw that can be shot through tight spots to pull a lever. When you reach the next size, you can break through certain barriers with brute force, unlocking new parts of the map. In Carrion you will need to switch between these sizes to solve certain puzzles. When you see a small area you need to pass through, you know you will need to decrease biomass to progress. Usually there are water pools found nearby where you can deposit half of your biomass to solve the puzzle. Once you have solved the puzzle, come back to the pool to regain your mass before you continue.

How to solve puzzles that require different biomass sizes
Split your mass in half [Image Credit: Devolver Digital]

You can pick Carrion on the Xbox games pass today and start growing your biomass. We hope this Carrion beginner guide helps you get through the early stages of the game.