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Top 10 games of January 2020

Start the new year the right way

As all gamers know, January is the time of year where the “new year new me” resolutions tend to get in the way of some quality gaming time. Unless your 2020 resolutions directly relate to some PC upgrades, my top 10 games of January 2020 list will help you identify some games to get you back in the swing of things!

Number 1: Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is without a doubt my favourite game of January 2020. Keeping in mind that the game is currently available through Steam’s Early Access, the full experience is yet to arrive. Here at Beards, Swords, and Shotguns we spent upward of 50 hours slaying mobs during January 2020. I enjoy a slow, sturdy and powerful class so the Engineer was right up my alley. Drop turrets, give them a shield, chill while they kill everything. Rinse and repeat this process and profit! I also enjoy the Artificer but I regularly die to stupid things when I fixate on my fireball spam.

Top 10 games January 2020 - Risk of Rain
Some spell flinging action with the Artificer

Number 2: Legends of Runeterra

I used to play a lot of League of Legends back when it came out in 2009. The characters are interesting and I enjoyed the lore aspect of the game. I am by no means a good MOBA player, and I lost interest in the game after a year of playing. Despite losing interest in LoL, I was always interested to see how the game developed over its lifetime. Then came Teamfight Tactics. I spent a lot of time playing this and my fascination with the characters and their lore was reinvigorated. When I heard that the digital collectible card game based on these characters was entering open beta in January, I was ecstatic! Legends of Runeterra did not disappoint, and I spent a large chunk of my time with it during January 2020. If you are interested in the game, you can check out our starter tips here or you can learn more about the weekly rewards for playing here.

Top 10 games January 2020 - Legends of Runeterra
Some frosty goodness in Legends of Runeterra

Number 3: Children of Morta

I missed this game when it released back in 2019 but with the Xbox Games Pass for PC I could have a look at the game. I love the games published by 11 Bit Studios so I was expecting something fantastic. I was definitely not disappointed! You can read about my gameplay experience here, but suffice it to say I had a marvelous time with the game. I thought the family dynamics combined with the rogue-like mechanics was a good fit. Others here at Beards, Swords, and Shotguns had a similar experience and rated the game favourably. I spent a sizable chunk of my time with Children of Morta and therefore I give it the third spot on my top 10 games of January 2020 list.

Top 10 games January 2020 - Children of Morta
A Lucy run ending in beautiful death

Number 4: Temtem

Temtem and the Pokemon genre is new to me in terms of gameplay experiences. My first impressions of the game was very positive. I find the game to be a relaxing experience filled with cute creatures for me to invest in. During January I have amassed quite a collection of Temtem’s. I can’t help having favourite Temtem’s and I am busy training them to become godlike. Temtem’s graphics have to be mentioned, the use of color is charming and easy on the eye. This results in a beautiful game that I can only describe as tranquil.

Taking my electric Temtem on an outing to the water park, what could go wrong?

Number 5: Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov has had a remarkable start to 2020 with record numbers of viewers and streamers on Twitch. While the game has been available to play since 2016, perhaps 2020 might be its best year yet. I play some Tarkov here and there with our resident pro Jean. Sometimes you just need to get carried to get ahead in life. Escape from Tarkov is a challenging and complex shooter and is satisfying when you have a good round. If you are struggling to get ahead in the game, you can read this to help you maximize your scav runs.

Escape from Tarkov
I sit in corners with a shotgun, don’t judge me

Number 6: Ashes Cricket

Cricket games are one of my guilty pleasures. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than creating a team of everyone I dislike from work and beating them in a gentlemanly duel between bat and ball. Between Don Bradman Cricket 14 (PC), Ashes Cricket (PC), Don Bradman Cricket 17 (PS4) and Cricket Captain 2016 (PC) I have spent more than a thousand hours as a pro athlete. Cricket games are my go to games when I am bored or stuck in other games so they will always have a place in my top ten games lists.

Ashes Cricket
The review system in Ashes Cricket is superb!

Number 7: Slay the Spire

This is actually one of my favourite games from 2019. I am absolutely addicted to the gameplay loop and Slay the Spire is one of those “just one more run” games for me. When I travel abroad Slay the Spire is one of my favourite games to play on airports and other places of despair. On the 14th of January 2022, Mega Crit Games released a new patch for the game titled “2.0 The Watcher”. This is a substantial update which adds a lot of content to the game. Amongst all the content is an entire new character with her own deck of cards to collect and play. I am pretty sure I have many more hours left to devote to this game.

Slay the Spire
Trying out the new character and her cards

Number 8: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Team based tactical shooters provide us with satisfying gameplay experiences. Rainbow Six is no different and its longevity is a testament to how much fun it is to play. I haven’t played it in a while but the recent Quarantine delay made me check out the game again. I am a decent shooter player but I find Rainbow Six Siege tough to master. This leads to me bouncing around the cameras trying to help the rest of the team. Usually because I died during the first few seconds of the round. Despite my atrocious kill-death ratio, the game is extremely gratifying when things work out!

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Just chilling as a ghost while the team carries me toward victory

Number 9: Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 needs no introduction to introduce its awesomeness. I completed the single player campaign during 2019 on my PS4 and bought the game again on PC. The graphics are fantastic and the game is an absolute blast on PC. My playtime in January comprised only online play with my posse. In between the trading, collecting and bounty hunts we had some time left to get smashed at my moonshine shack up in the Heartlands. I spent 22 hours playing Red Dead Redemption 2 during January and not one second was wasted!

Red Dead Redemption 2
I don’t think I will ever get tired of mud baths

Number 10: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Unfortunately my time with Modern Warfare has tapered down to only a few short hours per month. The game is still great to play, but I have lost interest in the standard game modes and maps. Therefore I prefer to play 2v2 or 3v3 modes with some of my friends. The 2v2 and 3v3 modes don’t require a lot of time and whether we win or lose the quick action is always a joy. Couple that with some Discord banter and ill chalk it down as time well spent.

COD Modern Warfare
If it is not a shader installation it is huge update waiting to spoil your fun

Honorable mention – Might and Magic: Chess Royale

The newest entry into the Chess Royale genre receives an honorable mention in my top 10 games for January 2020 list. The game is not mind blowing and certainly lacks the polish of games such as Teamfight Tactics or DOTA Underlords. Its saving grace and the only reason I spent time with it was because of the mobile version. Playing on an iPhone 11 Pro was surprisingly smooth and with the relatively short length of a match it was a pleasant experience.

Until next month

This is it for our top 10 games of January 2020 list. Join us again at the end of February for a new list of the ten best games we played during the month. Spoiler alert, I think Wolcen Lords of Mayhem and Cricket will be on there!