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Top 5 Indie games for April 2020

April 2020 is a tough month for almost everyone in the world and most of us are physically distancing ourselves from others and staying at home. With all the extra time we have to sit in front of our computers, we can play some Indie gems that we might miss otherwise. April 2020 would have been a huge month for gaming with the original release date for Cyberpunk 2077 being the 16th. A bunch of games were delayed along with Cyberpunk 2077 leaving April void of AAA releases. This is great news for Indie games as they now have some more exposure upon release. In our top 5 Indie games for April 2020 list we take a look at some of the most exciting indie titles hitting our screens in the month of April. Our list obviously reflects our own taste in games, but despite this we hope we can introduce you to a few indie gems you can play this month. 

April 2020 has quite a lot of indie releases lined up and it was tough to choose the top 5. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

Endzone A World Apart – Early Access 2 April 2020

indie games april 2020 Endzone
[Image: Assemble Entertainment]

During the last decade we have had plenty of fantastic post-apocalyptic games. Just thinking about Fallout or Wasteland makes my finger itch to click the install button in Steam and dive right back into those games. Endzone A World Apart doesn’t hide the fact that these games and other stalwarts of the genre served as inspiration for its own world and systems. According to the lore of Endzone, the world was plunged into chaos after a series of nuclear disasters forcing the surviving population into “endzones”. These are similar to vaults in the Fallout series. 150 years later the survivors emerge from the endzones and you lead one of these groups in establishing a new life on Earth. 

With this context in mind, Endzone A World Apart is a strategic simulation game where you build and manage a new settlement. For fans of tycoon and simulation games, this should already whet your appetite. Building and managing a new settlement in Endzone is quite a complex process as you have to compete with a landscape drenched in radiation. Think of trying to build a settlement in Metro Exodus and you have the basic premise for Endzone. 

The radiation is not your only enemy, you also have to contend with drastic shifts in weather causing droughts and other challenging situations for you and your people. Endzone A World Apart has the potential to be a fantastic entry into the simulation genre and looks promising even in Early Access. As with any Early Access game, expect some bugs, performance issues and missing things. But you can also expect challenging and engaging gameplay with gorgeous visuals.

Super Mega Baseball 3 – April 2020

indie games april 2020 super mega baseball 3
[Image: Metalhead Software Inc]

Fans of sport games usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to game releases. We have the mainstays of the genre like MLB The Show and NBA 2K to look forward to with yearly iterations. In recent times other studios such as Big Ant have delivered some fantastic Cricket and Tennis games. There are also some innovative games such as Disc Jam and Rocket League to keep us busy. But these titles are few and far between leaving us wanting more sporting goodness on a regular basis.

Luckily April has some good news for sports fans with the release of Super Mega Baseball 3. While it doesn’t offer the super realism and licensed players like the MLB series, the 3rd entry into the series looks like a worthy competitor. While the MLB series focuses on every intricate detail of the sport to provide a lifelike simulation, the Super Mega Baseball games tend to focus more on the “fun” parts of the sport.

Characters are over the top and out of proportion. Bats are big and flashy, and home runs are spectacular. Animations are quirky, entertaining and down right arrogant in some cases. But above all, the action is intense and playing a match of baseball flies by in no time. Super Mega Baseball 3 looks fantastic and the over-saturated visuals add to the intensity of the game. To further emphasize the action of a match, the game has a hard-rock and heavy metal soundtrack that gets the blood pumping. It’s no Mick Gordon track, but it gets the job done.  

If you like playing sports games, you should not miss Super Mega Baseball 3.

Startup Company – 10 April 2020

indie games april 2020 startup company
[Image: Hovgaard games]

You’ve probably heard something along the lines of “social distancing and lockdown is the perfect time to start a new business” or “now you have no excuse for not starting that new business you’ve always wanted to”. Here at Beards Swords Shotguns we won’t apply any of that rubbish pressure to our readers. We will however give you some tips, with the release of Startup Company you can silence all of your critics. In only a few hours, you can build your own startup and become the next billion dollar CEO.

Startup Company is another simulation/tycoon type game on our list and tasks you with starting your very own company. The startup you will grow and build into a massive business is centered around the digital or internet marketing world. You start out by choosing the type of website you want to build. This can range from a dating site to a gaming site, it’s up to you! 

Once you decide what internet business you want to build, it’s time to start growing your company by hiring new people, designing and building your office and raking in the big bucks. The game is quite deep and you have to run and maintain the servers for your business and even decide on things like ad placements and other marketing tricks for your website.

Overall Startup Company gives a fresh perspective to the tech simulation games and for once you are simulating the success (or failure) of a business and not a string of products. The graphics may not be the best, but the game offers a satisfying simulation experience.

Alder’s Blood – 10 April 2020

indie games april 2020 alder's blood
[Image: No Gravity Games]

If you like the grim and depressing vibe of the Darkest Dungeon with a sprinkling of the ominous atmosphere of Bloodborne, then Alder’s Blood might just be for you. 

In Alder’s Blood you lead a group of Hunters and you are responsible for managing everything about them. This includes your camp, resources, equipment and many other functions. The Hunters are superhuman beings with the sole purpose of driving back the Darkness that now infests the world. The Darkness is a direct result of the death of god, a god killed by humans. From the holy corpse a new evil, the Darkness, is being spawned to hunt and kill all humans. 

Alder’s Blood is an unforgiving, turn-based tactical game where stealth plays an important role in the survival of your Hunters. Going out on hunts is your primary objective and according to the developers the main story alone will give you 10 hours of entertainment. Add all the additional things you can do and the game will include well over 50 hours worth of content. 

It remains to be seen if Alder’s Blood will supply players with an experience like other Lovecraftian games in the genre, but it definitely looks promising.

Cloudpunk – 23 April 2020

[Image: ION LANDS]

Last on our list but certainly not least is the intriguing looking title, Cloudpunk. In the wake of Disco Elysium, narrative-based games have been set a very high bar. Cloudpunk does however look like it can offer a fantastic narrative experience set in an interesting world. 

The subconscious of most gamers are primed with marketing images of Cyberpunk 2077’s futuristic world and characters. Cloudpunk could not have hoped for a better stage to launch on, especially with the delay of CD Projekt RED’s offering. 

Cloudpunk places you in the shoes of Rania, a person working for a slightly dodgy delivery company based in the city of Nivalis. The games narrative will explore the different layers of a bio-technically integrated society with a large emphasis on player agency. The developers stressed the fact that your choices will have a lasting impact on the people you meet. These days, every game claims that choices matter, but few manage to deliver on that claim. It feels that a lot of Cloudpunks’ success will be strongly influenced by the way in which your choices affect those around you.

Finally, we get to the graphics. Cloudpunk’s smart use of lighting and volumetric effects coupled with its gorgeous Voxel-based world makes for a truly impressive visual spectrum. We are very excited about this game and would highly suggest you keep your eyes open for Cloudpunk.

Happy gaming

This is our top 5 indie games for April 2020 list and we hope you have discovered some new games to play in these tumultuous times. If you have other suggestions, please let us know in the comments. Happy gaming for April from the Beards Swords Shotguns team.