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Top Valheim tips, including how to defeat Eikthyr

Although Valheim does a pretty good job of guiding you through the basics of the game by using Hugin the bird guide to tell you what is going on, there are still some gaps and useful tips to help you progress quicker. Here is our list of useful tips for early game progression in Valheim.

1. Understanding Day/Night cycles in Valheim.

We recommend you use the daytime to do all your collecting and exploring and head to your shelter when night comes. The reason for this is that it gets pretty dark in Valheim during the night requiring you to carry a torch. You will also receive the active effect of cold, which will reduce some of your stats. You can see the full list of Valheim’s active effects here. We ran a timer to see exactly what the duration of nighttime is, and it came in at 8 minutes and 52 seconds.

2. What happens when you die in Valheim?

You will die in Valheim and here is what happens when you die. The first time you will probably die is while facing the first boss in Valheim, Eikthyr. When you die, you will lose stats and everything in your inventory will drop at the location of your death. You will either respawn at the runes where you started the game or at your base if you claimed your bed to become a spawn location. Now that you have been stripped of all your possessions by death, it is time to head back to your corpse and reclaim your things. You will notice the active effect of “No skill drain”, this basically means that when you die again in a short span of time, you won’t lose more stats because your corpse might still be in a dangerous area. 

Once you reclaim your corpse, all your items will be back in your inventory if you haven’t filled it up with other items before looting your corpse. A useful feature that they added is the active effect called Corpse Run. Corpse run reduces the amount of stamina required to jump and sprint, giving an almost guaranteed escape back to safety before heading back into the fight. You can see our active effect guide here for more specific information.

3. What is the Black Forest?

When you enter the Black Forest before you beatthe first boss in Valheim, Eikthyr, the game will warn you that this is a dangerous area. If you stumble upon the black forest during your exploration, note where the Black Forest is located because you will have to kill the second boss, The Elder, in this area when you are ready to progress.

4. How to mine Tin and Bronze ore in Valheim?

When exploring the Black Forest, you may have seen shiny rocks, those are Tin and Bronze ore and the only way you can gather these are by using a pickaxe. Additionally, you might wonder how do I get a Pickaxe? Once you defeat Eikthyr, he drops three hard antlers that can be used to craft yourself an Antler pickaxe.

5. How to summon Eikthyr

During this guide we spoke a lot about Eikthyr, and now we will show you how to summon and defeat Eikthyr. All you need to summon Eikthyr is two deer trophies. Once you have these trophies, head to the runes marked on your map with an icon that looks like a deer with horns and it has the description of “Eikthyr”. When you are at the altar, be sure that the altar has a deer statue, just in case you are at the wrong altar. Next, drag the deer trophies into one of your quick slots. Once you have done this, aim at the altar and simply press whichever key is bound to the quick slot containing the deer trophies. If you meet those requirements, Eikthyr will be summoned and you better be ready for a battle.

Valheim Eikthyr

6. How to defeat Eikthyr with low effort.

Initially, we were extremely scared of Eikthyr, but in no time we learned his tactics and took him down multiple times. Let’s start with some basic preparations you will need in order to defeat Eikthyr. We did not even have armour when we defeated this beast. Here is a short list of things that will make the fight easy:

  1. Eat a piece of cooked meat. This will increase your maximum health, giving you more room to take a bit of damage when you got caught off guard.
  2. Create a wooden shield and a knife or club. The key here is the wooden shield because it blocks almost all the damage he does when shooting lighting at you. We did not even wear armour when we fought Eikthyr, the wooden shield was enough.
  3. Stay at your bed until you gain the effect of being well rested, this will ensure that you use less stamina for running and jumping during the fight.
  4. Try to start the battle in daytime, removing the cold debuff from your character that you receive during night time.
  5. DO NOT use your base as a hiding place, he will destroy it.
Valheim Eikthyr

Now for the part where we tell you how to defeat Eikthyr. Kite Eikthyr around a bit to learn his movements. He has three attacks:

  1. Directional lighting attack, easy to dodge or even soak up the damage with your wooden shield.
  2. AOE lightning attack, this attack creates a sphere of lightning around him that expands. If you are close to him you can’t really dodge roll out of this one, but your wooden shield can soak up all the damage.
  3. Headbutt attack. He will only do this when you are in his face. We suggest you dodge roll out of the way for this one.

Our tactic was to kite him until he does one of his lightning attacks. When you see him start the cast of one of the lightning attacks, move in closer, block the damage with the wooden shield and attack him about 3 times. After this  move back and wait for another lightning attack and then rinse repeat until you have defeated Eikthyr. 

Let us know if you found these tips useful while playing Valheim. Good luck in this beautiful viking survival experience.