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Trailmakers Beginner’s guide

Trailmakers is a game where you are free to build any vehicle your heart desires. From vehicles that perform well on land, to spaceships. We decided to see what the single player experience was like and chose the Stranded in Space mode. In the Stranded in Space mode your spaceship gets hit by a meteor, scattering all the parts across an alien world. You safely make it to ground zero of this new planet and your objective is to gather your scattered parts and build a rocket ship to escape from the planet and continue your mission. In this guide, we will give you 8 tips to get you up and running.

Lets dive straight into it! [Image Credit: Flashbulb Games]

Can you die in Trailmakers?

When driving off a cliff or hitting a rock headfirst, it will leave you with a broken vehicle and a dead character. Don’t worry though because when you play single player there are no consequences when you die. Please, feel free to take that ramp or see into how many pieces your vehicle scatter when driving into a wall!

How to build your first vehicle in Trailmakers

As the game starts you jump straight into a quick and easy-to-understand tutorial showing you the basics of the building controls for Trailmakers. We suggest you follow the tutorial and once you have completed it, create your first vehicle. If you skipped the tutorial, you would need the following to make a basic land vehicle:

  • 4 X Offroad Wheels
  • 2 X Steering Hinges
  • 1 X Frame
  • 1 X Engine
  • 1 X Seat

What do I do with a Power Core in Trailmakers?

Power cores enable your vehicle to have more engines. Whether it’s a boat engine to help you navigate across big lakes or just another engine to increase your acceleration and top speed, you need another Power Core. You will find power cores all over the planet, so remember when you get another power core, upgrade your vehicle!

How do you collect Space Debris in Trailmakers?

Scattered across the planet, you will find Recovery drones with beams shining down onto the land. Move the Space Debris into the beam by pushing them forward with the vehicle you created. Once you have pushed it into the beam, it will get sucked up, unlocking a new piece which you can use to upgrade your vehicle. Some Space Debris is tricky to get, for example, we had to build a long, tower-like device to push a piece of Space Debris off of an elevated location.

How do you collect Space Debris in Trailmakers?
Get to the Recovery drone! [Image Credit: Flashbulb Games]

How to save a blueprint in Trailmakers

Yes, you can save a blueprint of any vehicle you created. More often than not we found ourselves in situations where our current vehicle wasn’t cut out for the task at hand. In Trailmakers you have to make constant changes to your vehicle to overcome different obstacles. It would be wise to save your different blueprints for different situations. You can save your creation by clicking on the save icon once you are done creating. We have a small nimble vehicle with four engines to quickly traverse over open fields, but this vehicle won’t help us much if we needed to cross a lake. Therefore, we have saved an amphibious vehicle blueprint when we need to cross a lake.

Is there a quicker way to switch between vehicle blueprints in Trailmakers?

There is a quicker way to switch between different vehicle blueprints that you have built. Once you have more than one blueprint, navigate to the Blueprint menu and hover your cursor over one of your blueprints and press either “1”,”2”,”3” or “4” on your keyboard. You can have a maximum of 4 blueprints ready to transform to at the drop of a hat. When you need to swap out a vehicle, press and hold “R” and select the blueprint you want. The animation will make you feel you are one blueprint away from transforming into Optimus Prime from The Transformers movies.

A word of advice, change the color of your vehicles, we have found it to be confusing when the vehicles look similar and have the same colour.

Is there a quicker way to switch between vehicle blueprints in Trailmakers?
Quickly switch between blueprints [Image Credit: Flashbulb Games]

Buying Accessories in Trailmakers

As you progress through the world, you will notice another type of resource lying around, and that resource is money. You can collect money to buy cosmetic upgrades for your vehicles. These accessories will contribute to the total weight of your vehicle. We are saving up for a horn, so we can be heard throughout this lonely planet.

How to create an aerodynamic vehicle in Trailmakers?

For your vehicle to perform optimally on this alien planet you would need to consider aerodynamics when designing your vehicle. When you are in the building menu, on the top bar of the menu you will see an aerodynamics toggle button. Once you click this button, it will show you how aerodynamic your car is. As you can see we tried to be as aerodynamic as possible. 

How to create an aerodynamic vehicle in Trailmakers?
How aerodynamic do you want it? Yes [Image Credit: Flashbulb Games]

How to navigate through the day and night cycles in Trailmakers

The planet where you got stranded has a sun, meaning you will have day and night cycles. You might wonder, how the heck am I going to see when it’s dark? Do not despair, close to where you start you will find the “headlamp” component. Install a couple of headlights to your vehicle, and voila, you will be able to see where you are headed in the dark of night.

Trailmakers Headlamps
No light, no problem [Image Credit: Flashbulb Games]

We hope you found this Trailmakers beginner’s guide useful. We look forward to seeing your creations!