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Valheim Active Effects guide

Valheim is a beautiful game with lots to do, but there are also lots of things that can happen to you. In this guide we show you some active effects that can both hinder and benefit your progression through the game. 

Negative Active Effects in Valheim


You take ticking poison damage that lasts for 5 seconds. The most common way to get poisoned is by messing with a beehive. 

Valheim poison active effect.


You are on fire! This effect becomes active when you take fire damage. 


Lower health and stamina regeneration,

  • Health regeneration -50%.
  • Stamina regeneration -25%.

This effect becomes active when you travel throughout the night. It is better to stay sheltered during the nighttime and explore during the day.


Lowering your health and stamina regeneration,

  • Health regeneration -25%.
  • Stamina regeneration -15%.

This effect becomes active when you submerge yourself in water or when you are caught out in a storm. Try not to get wet before engaging in combat, this debuff can be costly.

Positive Active Effects in Valheim

Now that you know which negative active effects to avoid, here are some positive active effects you will encounter in Valheim.

No skill drain

This means that you won’t lose any more skills after dying. This is a brilliant mechanic because sometimes you have to run to get your corpse amidst chaos and you might die again. As soon as you loot your corpse, the corpse run effect will become active.


You are sheltered from the weather. If you have to weather a storm, to prevent getting wet head to your home base and find some shelter.

Sheltered Valheim Active effect


Warm from a cozy fire. Being close to a fire drains your “wet” timer of 2:00 minutes quickly. Be careful not to get too comfy by actually stepping into the fire!

Corpse run

Corpse run activates as soon as you pick up your corpse’s loot.

  • You can run longer and take significantly less damage from physical attacks. Jump stamina usage -75%, run stamina usage -75%.
  • Damage mod Very resistant vs Blunt.
  • Damage mod Very resistant vs Slash.
  • Damage mod Very resistant vs Pierce.
  • The reduced stamina usage  is extremely useful because throughout your journey in Valheim you have to manage your stamina as stamina is used for most of your actions such as attacking, blocking, jumping, and dodging. Even more useful when you have to get out of the danger that caused your untimely demise in the first place!


You are currently resting, health and stamina regeneration is significantly higher.

  • Health regeneration 200%.
  • stamina regeneration 300%.

You can only rest while sheltered, meaning you need a roof over your head. 


You feel rested health and stamina regeneration is higher,

  • Health regeneration 50%.
  • Stamina regeneration 100%.

We suggest you wait in your resting state until you receive this buff before venturing out into the world.


You gain access to this effect once you have defeated the Deer God, Eikthyr. We saw a lot of people asking, “how do I use Eikthyr’s power?”. Luckily that is super easy, all you do is press “F” on your keyboard once you have slain Eikthyr and collected his power from the runes where you started the game. Check out our useful tips for more information on how to summon and defeat Eikthyr here.

  • Your ability to run and jump is improved.
  • Jump stamina usage -60%.
  • Run stamina usage -60%.

We hope this active effect guide for Valheim proves useful throughout your viking journey.