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Valorant Practice Range

We all want to be at the top of the log after every match of Valorant we play, we all want to contribute to the team driving us to another victory. Well, that is exactly why Riot Games created the practice range. The practice range is a place where the stakes are low, but you can repeatedly practice one specific technique until you master it. In this post, we look at what the Valorant practice range has to offer and how it can help us improve our game.

What does the open range offer?

When you choose the Open Range, you get access to all the different practice methods that the practice range has to offer. You’d probably choose the open range when you feel like discovering some hidden parkour challenges or you when you know you won’t be focusing on one specific aspect of your gameplay. You can explore the whole practice facility on foot and engage with any of the practice activities as you see fit.

The open range offers the following activities.:

  • Shooting Range
  • Spike defusal training
  • Spike planting training
  • Hidden parkour course!
  • Damage range practice

The Shooting Range

When you enter the Shooting Range, you have an unlimited amount of money, so you can buy any weapon you wish. This is important because you will want to try out different types of guns for different phases of a real match. Best get used to some cheaper guns because you won’t always have enough money to buy the Operator. 

Once you have selected the gun you wish to get some practice with, you’ll notice you have unlimited ammo. Having unlimited ammo gives you a chance to see if you can figure out the recoil pattern. Understanding the recoil pattern will indicate when the gun becomes too inaccurate to kill enemies at a distance or at what distance you can spray and pray successfully. Here are a couple of features you can expect from the Shooting Range. 


When you press “F3” you will be presented with a little window containing different settings which can be applied to the Shooting range. The major categories that can be tinkered with are Speed, Streak and Bots.


You can set the speed setting to easy, medium or hard. What does the speed setting change? It changes the speed at which bots spawn in and out, refining your reaction time. You will get 30 bot spawns for you to practice your reaction speed on. This is important because in a proper match you will get some players that briefly peak around a corner, creating a small window for you to take the shot, other times you will get a bigger window if you snuck up on camper.


The streak is a numeric value that you will aim towards, if you set it to 50, you will have to destroy 50 bots. Along with the 50 or 100 bots, you  also have an active timer, so the quicker you can lay waste to these suicidal bots, the better for your performance. Streak practice will be purely to see how many enemies you can kill in a certain time, a new bot will only spawn once you have killed its predecessor.

Bots Strafe

Yes, you can make the training even more difficult by giving the bots the ability to strafe. They will no longer maintain a static position but they will move left and right at random intervals, interrupting your perfect shot repeatedly. This setting only applies to the streak training selection.

Bot Armor

You can choose whether you want the bots you face to wear an extra layer of protection or not. It is unclear if they equip the bots with heavy (50 armor points) or light armor (25 armor points), the two options you have in a real game. It is however clear that adding armor to the bots makes them tougher to kill. This setting applies to speed and streak training selections.

Infinite Ammo

Turn off the infinite ammo setting when you really want to get a feel for the reload and ammo management side of the game during your training. You won’t be able to restock if you do not have unlimited ammo. If you did some streak training with the 100 bots setting selected, after your primary and secondary’s ammo has been spent, you will be forced to get up close and personal with your knife or your character’s abilities to kill the rest of the bots.

Shooting range dashboard

When you enter the shooting range, you will be presented with a dashboard in front of you with multiple boxes to tick. We will get into the detail about what each of these boxes does. Important to note you have to shoot a box to “tick” it.

Aim sensitivity 

Valorant has the perfect aim sensitivity adjustment implementation in the Shooting Range. On the left side you have “Decrease” with two boxes, a big one and a smaller one. When you shoot the bigger box, your aim sensitivity will be decreased by 0.1, and when you shoot the smaller one, your aim sensitivity will be decreased by 0.01. The same applies to the “Increase” of your aim sensitivity. You can tinker with these values to fine-tune your aiming sensitivity in Valorant.

Skills Test

This is where you actually start the event of either your streak or speed training with the settings you chose. When you shoot the “Practice” box, it will spawn an army of bots for your shooting pleasure to prepare you for that perfect speed practice round coming up. When you shoot the “Start” box, the timer will start and it will get as real as it gets in the shooting range. The settings you chose when you pressed F3 will be in effect and you will finally get to practice your shooting.

Spike defusal training

The spike defusal training is short and sweet. You can press “F3” to bring up the difficulty settings, you can choose between easy, medium and hard. Once you shoot the “Start” box, the round starts, remember to buy a gun and the necessary equipment before rushing off. There will be a total of three bots to look out for throughout the scenario on all difficulties. Unlike the shooting range’s bot, these bots shoot back and it hurts. This is the perfect training to do after you spent some time at the Shooting Range, because on the hard difficulty you will have to land those headshots to complete the defusal training. Once you have defeated the bots, defuse the planted spike. Press and hold “4” to defuse the spike.

Spike Plant training

Once you’re done defusing the spike, head through the area, straight to the spike plant training. You can press “F3” to bring up the difficulty settings, you can choose between easy, medium and hard. Same as the defusal training, when you shoot the “Start” you will get the opportunity to select your load out. I went with the Operator gun when doing my run. If you have played a bit of PvP you will notice that this site is a replica of the B site on the Ascent Map. 

Once you start, pick up the spike and make your way to the planting site. On your way there you will encounter two bots, that will also shoot at you, so be careful. Once you have planted the spike, there will be three more bots coming in from two different directions as you defend the spike. If you kill them before they reach the spike, you can count your spike plant training as complete.

Hidden Parkour Course!

Yes, while we were exploring, we saw some footprints tempting us to clear a small  gap, as we cleared the gap we realised, we just entered a parkour course. This parkour course will cause a couple of frustrations and unnecessary deaths. As you progress through the course, you will find checkpoints along the way. When you fall down and die, you will respawn at your last checkpoint. You can use your character’s movement abilities to get to some hard to reach places. If you want to do it on easy mode, choose Jett, she can basically fly when there are no cooldowns on her spells. Once you reach the end of the parkour course, there is a splendid view and a cool prize waiting for you! Don’t look down.

Damage range and accuracy practice

While the Shooting range offers you reaction and speed training, this facility offers you some more concrete data on how you are performing. You can find this facility right outside the Shooting Range. It has a massive bullseye target with a static bot next to it. You choose how far away you wish to move these targets from you, by shooting the dashboard. Your options are 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m and 50m. 

Shooting the target

When you shoot the target, you will notice there is a smaller replica of the target that you are shooting next to the dashboard. This shows you exactly where you hit on the actual target. If you move the target 50m away, you can still get confirmation that you actually hit the bullseye with a 360 no-scope shot. This is an effective way to see what the recoil patterns do over different distances.

Shooting the bot

Every gun in Valorant has unique damage properties and there is damage drop-off as the range increases. This bot is exactly where you get a feel for the actual damage over a long range. You can now experiment with the different damage areas, legs, torso and head over a range. Using the Operator as an example. At any range, it does 150 to the body/torso area, 225 damage to the head and 127 to the legs. 

Step into the Practice Range!

We would suggest you visit the practice range every now and again, just to improve your reaction times and really start getting to grips with your favourite weapons in Valorant. 

May your enemies inaccurate and your flick shots plenty,

Beards Swords Shotguns