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Vigil The Longest Night Paintings Guide

For the most part, Vigil The Longest Night is a dark game with very little to feel good about. You fight eldritch horrors, uncover depressing and ominous plots, and form part of an all-round dreary world. While the brooding nature of the game is fantastically realized, there are some less depressing moments scattered throughout the experience. Therefore we bring you a Vigil The Longest Night paintings guide, to take your mind off the horrors for a short while and help you get the Connoisseur achievement.

Around 1-2 hours into the game and after you beat the Ancient Guard, you enter the next phase of the experience. One of the NPCs you meet during this phase of Vigil The Longest Night, is the painter. He gives you a quest where you have to recover seven of his paintings lost in the world beyond his cottage. Finding lost paintings is a welcome change of pace, and in this guide we show you where to find all seven of his paintings. We accompany each description with a screenshot to help you find the specific locations of the paintings. The quest offers a nice reward upon completion, but we will get to that at the end of the guide.

Vigil The Longest Night – Where to find all the paintings

1. The Painter’s Cottage

This is an easy one, and probably the first you will gather on your quest. The Painter’s Cottage (where you get the quest) has a basement level and on this level is a chest containing the first painting. Not very difficult to find, but easy to miss if you rush out into the world before checking.

vigil the longest night paintings guide

2. The Tavern – Room 237

Located just to the left of the Painter’s Cottage is the Tavern. If you enter the Tavern from its rightmost entrance, take the stairs up and you will arrive at the entrance to two rooms. The right one is room 237 and inside is a chest with your second painting.

vigil the longest night paintings guide room 237

3. Underneath the Maye Bridge

For the next painting on our list, you will have to do some platforming. If you exit the town of Maye to the left, you will be on the bridge leading into the town (you fight through this area when you just start out with Vigil The Longest Night). You can drop down on the right side of the bridge, or make your way up from the bottom. Whichever route you choose, jump around until you reach the platform shown in the screenshot and loot the chest for another painting.

vigil the longest night paintings guide connoisseur
vigil the longest night paintings guide Maye Bridge

4. The Mill

Another easy one to get is in the Mill connected to the village. Enter the Mill from either side and make your way to the top floor. Here go all the way to the left and you will see a chest containing the next painting. 

vigil the longest night paintings guide Mill

5. The Cemetery

You now have all the paintings that are easy to get, the next few require more effort to get. Return to the cemetery, but beware the enemies are stronger now. You can either take the route to the right and complete the longer platforming part (as I did) or you can slide underneath the gate next to the owl and take the shorter route. The chest with the painting is concealed in a little alcove you have to jump to reach. It is easy to miss as you only see the ledge and not the room. If you go to the position shown on the screenshot below, look for an edge to jump and find the next painting.

vigil the longest night paintings guide Connoisseur
vigil the longest night paintings guide cemetery

6. Flooded Area – Wasted House

The last two paintings are deep into the Flooded Area and also one of Vigil The Longest Nights coolest places to explore. As you explore the Flooded Area, you will notice that there are a lot of wasted houses, so it’s difficult to go on name alone. If you look at the screenshot, you will see that the Wasted House containing the chest with the painting is one of the last you visit in the area. The chest is in the house.

vigil the longest night paintings guide wasted house

7. Flooded Area – Sunken Mary Rose

Once you make your way through the Wasted Village, the environment changes to a sunken ship that you traverse. The deck is filled with some of Vigil The Longest Nights’ toughest enemies, so be careful as you move forward. Almost right at the end of the deck is an entrance labeled ‘Sunken Mary Rose’, enter here and find the last of the paintings in a chest. There is also an owl here, so you can teleport back and complete the quest with the painter.

vigil the longest night paintings guide sunken mary rose

Distinguished Collector

That’s it for our Vigil The Longest Night Paintings Guide, and we hope you found them all and claimed the reward. Speaking of rewards, you receive the Cerulean Ocarina from the painter, which gives you access to a locked part of the game. It works like the Ocarina you used to fight the Ancient Guard, so prepare well before using your reward! As an additional reward, you also unlock the Connoisseur achievement in Vigil The Longest Night to proudly sit on your Steam profile.