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Vigil The Longest Night – Where to find all the miners

Vigil The Longest Night is mostly concerned with dying in traps, killing things, or getting wrecked by one of the many bosses. But there are some rays of light penetrating the longest night, and we find one of these in the Mines area of the game. In this Vigil The Longest Night guide, we help you rescue all the unturned miners to unlock the “Miners Savior” Steam achievement. 

When you arrive at the mines, the foreman is waiting inside the mining quarters and asks you to save the miners that may have survived the disaster. The mine is quite a labyrinth of hallways and secret rooms, so finding all the miners takes some serious exploration. Luckily, in this Miners Savior guide we will show you the location of the three miners you need to rescue for the achievement. 

How to find all the miners in Vigil The Longest Night

Two of the miners are actually very easy to find if you properly explore the mines, but the third can be quite tricky if you rely on the map to guide your exploration. You can find the third miner in a hidden part of the map, but we will discuss how to get there when we discuss this miner. Each miner is accompanied by a screenshot of their location on the map for those who want to skip the reading part.

Miner 1 

The first Miner is very easy to find, but if you explore deeper into the mine without clearing the top area, you will miss him. As you enter the mine, follow the path until you see a route that leads up. This is just before a part of the hallway that allows you to drop down. Follow the route to its end and you will find the first miner on a perch in the room.

Vigil The Longest Night how to find all the miners

Miner 2

The second miner is just as easy to find if you just play through the mine, although he is found quite a bit deeper into the depths. To find the miner, move past the route that led to the first one and go deeper into the mine. You will eventually reach a platform puzzle, one of the many enjoyable puzzles on offer in Vigil The Longest Night. Have some health potions handy, as you can lose a significant amount of health if you make mistakes during this part. Navigate the moving platforms to reach the end of the labyrinth while avoiding the red spikes. These damage you and apply a bleeding effect, so try to avoid them. At the end of the platform puzzle, you will find the second miner next to the owl statue. 

Vigil The Longest Night where to find all the miners

Miner 3

The third and last miner is the only one that you may have trouble finding. From the second miner, move deeper into the mine and stay to the right as you go down. After a while you will see a ladder that you can climb to go even deeper. About halfway down there will be a gap in the wall (see the screenshot), leap to the gap from the ladder, and you will find the third miner inside the hidden cave. 

Completing the Miner Savior achievement

Rescuing the three miners is not enough to gain the achievement. Return to Maye and speak to foreman Edward in the tavern to complete the quest. Doing this will grant you the Miners Savior achievement, but there are additional rewards if you speak to the other survivors. You can find one of the miners in the exterior of Maye close to the tavern. He will tell you about a secret chamber back in the dormitory in the mining quarters. This chamber has a lot of Shimmer Stones, so it’s well worth a visit. Two of the other miners are in their house (close to Dawn’s place) and they will offer you their savings as a reward. 

That is it for our Vigil The Longest Night guide for the Miners Savior achievement and where to find all the miners. We hope this guide helped you get the Steam achievement and the sweet rewards for rescuing all the miners. If you want to read our thoughts on Vigil The Longest Night, check out our review here

Good luck out there!