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Why you should give Wolfenstein Youngblood the chance it deserves 

Xbox Games Pass for PC gave us a massive treat for February, we get to play the latest addition to the Wolfenstein series, Youngblood.

I thoroughly enjoyed the previous installations of the Wolfenstein series. The previous games had enough blood, action and a strange sense of humour to keep you wanting more. Youngblood is no exception. Despite some bad reviews all over the internet, I believe it’s worth giving Youngblood a shot, hear me out.

Once you launch the game, ready to blast Nazi’s you will be presented with the option to sign in with your account if you want to play online or you can skip the login and head straight into the single player experience.

Main character from the Wolfenstein series
B.J. Blazkowicz

The ID Tech 6 engine

Wolfenstein Youngblood uses the same engine as Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, the ID Tech 6 engine. This engine is famous for performing extremely well. I got a constant 144fps on my 1080ti, it runs as smooth as butter and it’s definitely a looker. When I see a game that uses this engine, it’s an easy decision to pick up the game.

Choose your load out

You get to play with either of B.J. Blazkowicz’s two daughters, Jess or Soph. Both are badass and you can see their different personalities come to life during the prologue of the game. My choice was Soph as the main badass in my playthrough. The small little character customisation section where you could choose a couple preferred options before you head into the action was simple and straight to the point. I went for the golden power armour with a hammer head helmet to maximise my intimidation factor. For the rest I went with the machine pistol, hatchet and the crush ability as my starting loadout.

Character load out
Golden power armour, hammer head, lets go!

Wolfenstein Youngblood Prologue

I loved the way they tell the story about the two daughters, while showcasing their different personalities. We also got to spend some time with a good old Blazkowicz for a couple of scenes. They also introduce quite a few of the main characters early in the game, you will recognise some old faces and meet the new. For your first quest you receive an assignment to go take out a Nazi general on a Zeppelin. This is where the two girls have to kill a Nazi soldier for the first time. There is a bit of humour in between the killing that makes it easier to process, after all it is a Wolfenstein game, gore is to be expected.

New character in Wolfenstein Youngblood
Say hi to some new faces

The more things change the more they stay the same

If you have ever played a Doom or Wolfenstein title, you will be familiar with how the health, ammo, and armour system works. Exploring rooms and breaking crates rewards you with either health, ammo and armour. They also place health pickups throughout the levels in creative ways. Here you can see a whole counter filled with Sushi and other delicious looking snacks for you to enjoy. These food items do not look as good as those in Final Fantasy XV, but they look do the job nonetheless.

Wolfenstein Health pick ups
Lovely health pickups you can find throughout the game

Two player co-op

A big change for the Wolfenstein games is the multiplayer aspect that Arkane Studios introduced in this game. There is a massive focus on two player co-op this time around. The co-op experience reminded me of Army of Two, a game I played way back on the Xbox 360 in 2008. With the co-op in Wolfenstein, the two girls talk to each other, cheering each other on in combat and working together as a team. Many areas of the game require both characters to partake in a certain action such as having to pull two levers at the same time to open a gate.

Daughters first assigment

Does Wolfenstein Youngblood have some RPG elements?

Another new concept to the Wolfenstein franchise was the fact that enemies now have levels and health bars floating above them. Some may argue that this results in bullet sponge enemies, from my experience it hasn’t been an issue at all. MachineGames introduced an RPG element here by converting the perks system which players got used to into a leveling system. Your characters even have skill trees where you can focus on different skills based on your preference. The highest level enemy I have faced was level 5, which is on par with the level of my character. I noticed if an NPC has a skull next to their name; it means he is five or more levels above you, rather try to avoid this fight.

Use the right ammo

Every gun you have in the game has different ammo, which means you will have to switch weapons to make some fights easier. Some enemies I have encountered had a certain ammo type next to their name. This shows what type of ammo they are weak against. I immediately switched weapons to destroy the enemy’s armour. After their armour was broken, I switched back to my favourite weapon to finish the job. This mechanic creates a more dynamic gameplay experience. After all, the developers put in a lot of effort to create loads of awesome weapons, why not play them all?

That is about as far as I got before writing my first impressions. This game looks like it could be an epic adventure and I am all for developers taking a chance to see if they can create something new in the same world. Don’t be just another person writing a bad review without even giving the game a fair chance. Now let’s go jump into our power suites and go kick some ass!