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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Endgame

Salivating with anticipation

With Wolcen Lords of Mayhem’s release right around the corner, we think it’s time to speculate on its endgame or you can read our official review of Wolcen here. Wolcen Studio has been miserly in giving us details on the game’s endgame or anything stretching past the beta. This leaves us with a lot of hopes, fears, uncertainty and excitement.

To be honest, this is fantastic. I struggle to remember a time in recent memory where a game’s release had such an air of anticipation around it. In the era of open betas and early access, we are accustomed to seeing most if not the entire game before its release. This is not the case with Wolcen Lords of Mayhem. During the beta, we only saw the first act of the game with an imposed level cap of 20. While this provided a good feel for the game, a lot remains for us to see in the full release.

What we already know

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem’s endgame was available in part during the beta. Even though the content was limited, we got to see some endgame activities that we can expect in the full release.


The first and the most casual of the endgame activities are the bounties. Similar to the bounties in Diablo 3, Dashing Eugene provides you with a quest or a kill order that you have to complete somewhere in a region of the game. You then hop on your broom and whizz away to either complete a quest or slay a monster. Because of how rapidly you can complete these bounties, the rewards aren’t the best. They can, however, provide you with slightly better gear to make other endgame activities easier.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem endgame
Dashing Eugene and Alexander Ivakin waiting to give you a passport to loot city!

It is important to note that the bounty areas are endless so feel free to leave once you have completed your aim. It is our hunch that bounties may provide an enhanced experience when the game launches but well have to wait and see.


If you played during the beta, you spent the bulk of your endgame time doing expeditions. The Maps in Path of Exile or the Rifts in Diablo 3 laid the foundation for expeditions as they are realised in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem. In a nutshell, you fight your way through an area clearing mobs until you reach a certain limit. When you reach this limit, a boss will spawn that you have to defeat to progress further. Upon defeating the boss you can either end or continue with your expedition.

If you continue the expedition mobs become more dangerous and your chance to find good loot increases slightly. During the expedition you cannot return to town, doing so will end the run. This adds a twist to the classic formula and you will have to be deliberate about the loot you pick up.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem endgame
Round them up and wreck them.

Wrath of Sarisel

The Wrath of Sarisel is technically not a new endgame mode. Wolcen Studio refers to it as a “dungeon alteration”. Only calling it a dungeon alteration undersells it a bit in our opinion. The Wrath of Sarisel mode targets groups of players and it is not recommended for solo players. In this mode, players will fight through a traditional expedition type activity with the added flavour of a nemesis system.

While not as extensive as the nemesis systems found in Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, it adds more than enough fun to the activity. When a mob slays a player, that mob becomes a nemesis of the group. The mob grows stronger and hunts the remaining players. The remaining players have to slay the nemesis before they can resurrect their fallen ally. If they fail in this task, the expedition is over and players will have to start from scratch.

This adds some extra excitement to the expedition’s loot grind.

What we think we know

Apart from the endgame activities discussed above, Wolcen Studio stated that the full release will have:

“A whole new endgame mode, unlocking many new game features“

This is where things get interesting and we speculate on what the additional endgame might look like based on the scraps of information available to us.

Steam achievements

Wolcen studio has taken great care to not leak a lot of information on what we can expect in the full release of the game. They did, however, release the Steam achievements a few days ago which may give us a glimpse into the mysterious endgame activities. On the 7th of February 2020, Wolcen Studio elaborated on the steam achievements by stating:

“Some of you have noticed that the achievements have been pushed on Steam, including the endgame ones. We would like to detail, without spoiling too much, what the endgame is about in Wolcen.

When you complete the three acts, you can access the endgame mode with all your characters. This game mode allows you to level up a new character without doing the campaign if you wish, by doing randomly generated dungeons. But mostly, it unlocks the endgame content and its rewards.

The endgame feature allows the player to construct buildings and complete projects for the City of Stormfall. These projects require resources that you will gather by completing random dungeons with or without modifiers. The harder the challenge, the faster Projects can complete. As usual, completing higher dungeon difficulties will also grant you with more interesting rewards.

Once you complete a project, you obtain its dedicated reward and unlock other projects, which provides you with more and more interesting rewards, including additional bank tabs, talent points, components, dyes, and other cool stuff.”

This is interesting news, but it still doesn’t say much about what we can expect and what the rewards will be when we complete the construction projects.

House Flipper

In the list of achievements, four are of particular interest:

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem endgame

These achievements point to the construction aspect of the endgame. Back in 2015, the Umbra (Wolcen Lords of Mayhem was first known as Umbra) Kickstarter trailer showed a short clip of housing as part of the content.

It is unlikely that these achievements are linked to player housing as you have to construct 10 buildings to unlock them all. Unless, of course, players are tasked with managing a section of the City of Stormfall with a player house included in the mix.

Whatever leads to the completion of these achievements, it will keep us entertained. Player housing and property in games are always exciting. Thinking back to games such as Ultima Online and even your ship in Warframe, housing is one of the most intense and rewarding investments we can make in a virtual world.

Servant of the people

The second cluster of achievements refers to the completion of missions in endgame mode.

The wording of the achievements is interesting in that they relate to trade and economic management. It is entirely possible that they directly relate to the housing and property aspect of the endgame. 

Players can do other endgame content to gain the resources needed to construct more buildings. This might validate the loot grind as better loot will help you complete difficult projects in service of the City of Stormfall.

All will be revealed in four days time

It is satisfying to sit down and speculate about the details of a game. Doing this channels the hype and excitement for the game into expectations. Sometimes we are disappointed that our expectations were not met but when we speculate we at least only have our own imagination to blame!