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Xbox Games Pass for PC: Final Fantasy XV adds some flavor

A gorgeous classic

On the 26th of January 2020, the social team over at Xbox Games Pass for PC launched a tweet that had us hyped.

They did not disappoint! One third of February has passed and we have already seen four games added to the Xbox Games pass for PC. These four games include:

Sea Salt – an indie horror game;
Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour – a professional fishing simulator;
Wolfenstein: Youngblood – a first-person shooter; and
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition – an action RPG.

We can write about each one of these games but we dedicate today’s post to Final Fantasy XV, a gorgeous classic.

About Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV was released on the PS4 on the 29th of November 2016. It should be obvious that this is not a new release although it is tempting to think so based on its fantastic graphics. As with any release in a loved and established series, Final Fantasy XV released to a critical audience. An audience who waited for the game since Square Enix announced it as Final Fantasy Versus Xlll back in 2006. Fast forward ten years and the game was met with mostly favourable reviews, sitting at a 7.6 user score on Metacritic.

I bought the game on release and played for around 100 hours on the PS4. It was a fantastic experience, and I had a blast during my time with the game. The game was released on PC one and a half years later and I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it again. I spent another 70 hours playing on the PC. When console games release on PC I am always excited to see the graphical output made possible by the more powerful hardware. Final Fantasy XV was breathtaking. The environments, characters and especially the food was a feast for the eyes.

As a tribute to this eyeball intoxicating feast and the Xbox Games Pass for PC release of the game, I will discuss the game based on some of my favorite in-game foods.

Will fight for food

Combat in Final Fantasy XV is like a good piece of steak. A prime piece of meat cooked until the inside is still a bit bloody and the outside has a delicious brown hue.

Xbox Games Pass for PC Final Fantasy XV
Would you like some Ivy leafs with your steak sir?

Combat is hands-on and whichever party member you are controlling is in the thick of it. Dodging enemy attacks and raining down chaos with their special abilities, combat is a raw experience. To supplement the simplicity and rawness of the combat, visual effects are used to great effect. While you are engaged in combat there are explosions, magic and special ability effects that spice up the experience.

The call-outs and interactions between the party members is a refreshing addition and adds a lot of emotion to each combat encounter. This results in the player becoming emotionally invested in the development of the bonds between the party members.

While some reviewers criticized the combat in Final Fantasy XV, I found it engaging enough to spend upwards of 200 hours with the game with room for more.

A lot of meat on the bone

In my opinion, Final Fantasy XV has a remarkable and memorable story. I hardly ever become emotionally invested in the games I play, but in Final Fantasy XV I cared about the characters. The characters had so many layers to discover and compared to some bare-bones character designs in many other RPG’s I was pleasantly surprised.

Xbox Games Pass for PC Final Fantasy XV
Would you believe me if I told you that is toad meat?

Without venturing into spoiler territory, the story is compelling. Following prince Noctis and his group of friends is an engaging and exciting experience. Each character has their moments in the story and you get to see them evolve and unfold as the story goes along. There are a few heartfelt emotional moments during the journey. These moments draw you into the narrative and makes you care about the things happening in the group and the people they meet. In conclusion, each character and the story as a whole has a lot of meat on the bone.

Something is a bit fishy

Apart from the glorious combat and immersive story, Final Fantasy XV has a good measure of mystery.

Trevaly Fish
This was my staple food mainly due to my fishing addiction.

Final Fantasy XV is filled with mysterious dungeons and fantastical creatures. The dungeons become available as you progress through the game and pass certain narrative checkpoints. Some of them have epic rewards and monstrous bosses to face, which provides a handy break from the main story. There are also secret bosses which you can face, although they are mostly reserved for the endgame.

There are also some twists to the story which keeps things interesting and mysterious and some cutscenes are simply mind-blowing.

This looks like a lot

Apart from the main story and dungeons, there are a lot of extra activities to keep you busy.

Chocobo burger
If you want to level up faster this is your diet. You unlock the recipe at the Chocobo post.

I probably spent way more time than I had to either trying my luck at the different fishing spots or taking photos with Prompto. Final Fantasy XV has enough side activities to stretch a 60-hour campaign into a 100-hour epic. You can try your hand at fishing, which is more addictive than you may imagine it to be. You can drive to some of the most epic places in the game world to take photos and even play arcade games to unlock awesome items for your party. If this isn’t enough, you can travel around with your Chocobo to level it up or complete some side quests you find during your travels.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the journey

If you haven’t played the game yet, Xbox Games Pass for PC provides you with an opportunity to experience one of the best RPGs from the 2010s.

Sometimes you need to go cheap and nasty.

Final Fantasy XV is easy to get into and delivers a delightful experience. If you are looking for satisfying combat and a story which you can invest in, it’s all on the menu. In many ways it’s an all you can eat buffet. One tailor made to fill the RPG-sized hole in your diet.