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Yes, Your Grace – How to get all the evidence for the trial

A word of warning, this post is a guide to help you gather all the evidence you need for the trial in the first half of Yes, Your Grace. Therefore, this guide contains some spoilers for the Yes, Your Grace narrative. In order for us to help you gather all the evidence, we need to spoil some things regarding the wedding early in the game and some minor details of the weeks leading to the trial. We will not discuss the trial itself in this article, so no there is no need to stress about that.

Word of warning

Setting the scene

It seems that weddings in medieval and fantasy settings are dangerous ordeals. At this rate we will run out of colours for the unique ways in which wedding celebrations end in tragedy. Yes, Your Grace is no different in this regard, and the narrative drastically shifts momentum with its first wedding ceremony. If you are reading a Yes, Your Grace guide on the evidence you need to gather for the trial, you probably know exactly what happened at the wedding. If you are simply curious, this is the last warning because spoilers are incoming.

Early during the game you decide it is a good idea to marry your daughter to the son of a wealthy and powerful king. By doing this, you secure an alliance that will provide you with troops for an upcoming battle that you will lose without help. Fast forward to the wedding ceremony and everything is going swimmingly, although the ceremony is a bit awkward. After the revelry and celebrations are done, your new ally, King Talys, has had enough and announces that he is leaving the party. One last drink is in order, although this one ends badly for King Talys. His drink is poisoned, and he dies on the spot after taking a sip. Naturally this throws your entire alliance into turmoil and prince Ivo, the newly appointed king, announces that they will withhold the troops you need for the upcoming war. He announces that there is to be a trial and that you can redeem yourself by proving your innocence at this event.

This is where our Yes, Your Grace evidence guide comes in. You want to give yourself the best chance of surviving the trial and to do this you need to find and uncover all the evidence. We are here to help you do just that, so read on to become a medieval detective!

How to get the three pieces of evidence for the trial?

Time is of the essence and apart from having to manage an entire kingdom and your own family, you now have to prove your innocence as well. Luckily, there are only three pieces of evidence to uncover and they are a Tooth from a beast, an empty Phial, and an incriminating letter. If you follow this Yes, Your Grace evidence guide you should be ready for the trial in no time!

1st piece of evidence – how to get the Tooth?

After the tragic wedding ceremony, you will interrogate some suspects in your throne room. One of the servants will tell you that the guard in the dungeon might be able to tell you more. After you have concluded your duties in the throne room, travel to the dungeon and speak to the guard stationed there. After having a chat with him he will give you the first piece of evidence, a Tooth he picked up by the wine barrels. Just like that, you have your first piece of evidence.

Yes your grace evidence

2nd piece of evidence – how to get the Letter?

Getting the second piece of evidence takes more delicate detective work. To get started with your quest to get the Letter, head to your own bedchamber. You will notice a ball of yarn with some needles stuck into it next to the mirror where you enter the room. Luckily the queen won’t notice that you stole her knitting needles, so feel free to grab them and get out of there.

Once the needles are in your possession, travel to the gardens. You will notice a piece of the pavement that has a bunch of cracks running through it. Drag the needles from your inventory to the cracked pavement and watch King Eryk pry open a secret compartment. Click on the now opened pavement and retrieve the Letter from the compartment. Congratulations you now have the second piece of evidence!

3rd piece of evidence – how to get the Phial?

You can gather the first two pieces of evidence during your first day after the tragic wedding, but you will have to wait awhile to get the third and final piece. During week 17 you will receive a message stating that a certain village, Branca, has some clues to help you with your investigation. To act on this piece of information, you will need to send one of your agents to investigate on your behalf. This is a timed mission, so try to have one of your agents available during this time to investigate the village. Upon their return from the investigation they will present you with an empty Phial which is the last piece of evidence for the trial.

Yes your grace evidence

How to get the suspect and expert for each piece of evidence for the trial?

Each of the three pieces of evidence has two areas that you need to unlock to have all the information you need for the trial. The first is an expert’s opinion on the evidence, and the second is the answer of a suspect on the piece of evidence. The three experts are your agents, and the suspects are various lords and ladies from the rest of the kingdom. If you are curious about how to get all the agents, you can read our guide here.

The expert for the Letter – The General

Visit your General at the wall and send him to the village (two weeks). Upon his return, your General will reveal the first piece of crucial evidence to help with your trial. On his travels he learned that the Northern Lords decorate their letters in ways similar to the piece of evidence you have.

Yes your grace evidence

The suspect for the Letter – Lord Grego

The game is not very clear on where the different lords are located, but the one you want to invite to help you learn more about the Letter is Lord Grego. He will divulge that the decorations on the Letter are Rowan trees used to build cradles that protect children from evil spirits.

Yes your grace evidence

The expert for the Phial – The Witch

The Witch needs to be in your castle and therefore not on a quest to help you with the Phial. She hangs around the council chamber and is located in the top left corner of the room. Ask her to take a look at the Phial and traces of the substance still left in it. After a few weeks, she will return and reveal some key pieces of information to help you in the upcoming trial.

Yes your grace evidence

The suspect for the Phial – Lord Lurs

Invite Lord Lurs and Lord Etton to reveal some key information that will help you in the trial. You will learn that Branca is a village under the rule of Lord Etton. Lord Lurs will reveal some further details that Etton and the now dead Talys were not on the best of terms. Thanks to Lord Lurs, you have another key piece of information.

Yes your grace evidence

The expert for the Tooth – The Hunter

The Hunter will be your expert on the Tooth. You gain access to the Hunter just a few weeks prior to the trial so be sure to ask him to look at the Tooth as soon as he is available. If you send him away on a quest, you may miss this part of the evidence for the trial. If he is not away on a quest, you can find him chilling in your dungeon.

Yes your grace hunter

The suspect for the Tooth – Lady Lena

Invite Lady Lena to your castle and discuss the Tooth with her. You will learn some key information from her when she tells you that dragon’s teeth are worn by soldiers to help them in battle. With this piece of information, you will have everything you need for the upcoming trial.

Yes your grace evidence

The royal trial

Armed with the three pieces of evidence and key information giving context to them, you are as ready as you can be for the trial. You can review your evidence and what you know about them at your evidence table next to the Witch in the council chamber. You will need to make some tough choices in the trial, so take a good look at the evidence to help you make the best decision. Good luck from our side and we hope this Yes, Your Grace evidence guide helped you to prepare for the important trial coming up.